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Karim Abadir '85, '91 Joins AUC School of Business as a Distinguished Visiting Professor

The American University in Cairo (AUC) School of Business is pleased to announce the arrival of Karim Abadir as a Distinguished Visiting Professor (DVP) for the 2017-18 Academic Year.

Aug 27, 2017

Abadir is considered one of the world’s foremost financial econometricians. As an AUC alum, he is not only fully versed in the university’s distinct culture, but also serves as a wonderful role model for students due to his esteemed international status.

An Emeritus Professor of Financial Econometrics at the Business School in Imperial College London, Abadir is also a referee in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the entity responsible for handing out Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. He has also previously been the head of the Statistics Group at the University of York for 10 years, a period in which the university moved up from number 61 all the way to number nine in the world in theoretical econometrics.

At AUC, Abadir’s presence will unquestionably engage students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Along with promoting cooperation between the economics, finance and math departments, he also plans to teach highly advanced econometrics courses that students from the schools of business and engineering can attend.

The 500 level course, Financial Econometrics (ECON 5242), for instance, will have Abadir covering the bases of financial econometrics and empirical finance with graduate students. The class will further emphasize the linkage between financial theory and economic analysis along with training students to use EViews software to formulate, estimate and test models for financial time series.

The School of Business believes that the presence of DVPs is imperative to enriching the educational and research agenda of the School. Their additions have always injected fresh ideas into the core of the education provided, thereby accentuating the School’s international essence and enhancing students’ experiences.

Abadir’s arrival as a DVP promises to be the latest illustration of such willingness. His renowned status, coupled with his background as an AUC alum, uniquely places him as a considerable asset for the School in the upcoming academic year.