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School of Business Holds its Fifth International Experience Awards

AUC School of Business celebrated students’ internationalization efforts during the Fifth International Experience Awards held on May 19, 2017

Aug 29, 2017

The American University in Cairo (AUC) School of Business celebrated the fifth edition of the International Experience Awards on May 19, 2017. Students, parents and faculty joined together to toast the School’s globalized essence in a glorious ceremony that acknowledged and honored students for their international efforts.

Keeping in line with the School’s commitment to student participation, the evening was jointly organized through a collaboration between the School’s Office of Internalization and Partnerships (OIP) and the student-led Business Association (BA).

The award, launched three years ago, is an official recognition of undergraduate students’ international experiences. It is designed to increase the global exposure of undergraduate students in the AUC School of Business before graduation, all while infusing their business ideas and accomplishments with an international flavor.

“Taking my first step at AUC, I remember I was overwhelmed with all the opportunities that I was faced with,” School of Business student, Malak El Zeki, reflected during the ceremony. “What I never imagined was that AUC will empower me to pursue these opportunities, not just within its fences, but also throughout every continent in the world.”

The award assigns point values to an extensive range of new and existing international academic and co-curricular activities in which students can participate. The Spring 2017 ceremony featured a whopping 39 students honored, a marked increase over the 19 student recipients of the award in the Spring 2016 ceremony.

Attending students were adamant that the awards helped them recognize the School’s true global essence. They also affirmed that having their parents watch the acknowledgement of their accomplishments was tremendously gratifying to all involved and made them feel that, to use a business term, the return on investment in their international experiences was higher than expected.

“Everyone who went to the event got exactly what they wanted,” President of the BA, Walid Abou El Nour, enthused. “Once students start travelling abroad, they start seeing and comparing what’s out there with what they have, gaining new experiences and recognizing efforts done within the School in the process. That’s what the International Experience Awards are all about: celebrating the exposure that allows us to develop and implement new ideas.”