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Venture Lab Celebrates Graduation of Shell Cycle 9

The 2017 AUC Venture Lab (V-Lab) Demo Day showcased the products and services of 12 startups incubated within the AUC School of Business.

Dec 26, 2017

The V-Lab at the AUC School of Business celebrated the graduation of the Shell Cycle 9 of incubated startups. The cycle’s 12 young companies showcased their products and services to an audience of investors, influential business executives and entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

Director of the AUC V-Lab, Abdul Latif Jameel Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship and Assistant Professor Ayman Ismail said of the event, “It’s always a pleasure to celebrate our startups’ hard work. This demo day marks the end of our ninth cycle and we are very happy to be graduating eager entrepreneurs with fresh innovative ideas, and with the necessary knowledge and skills to launch them.”

Egypt Vice President and Country Chairman of Shell Gasser Hanter was similarly pleased with the cycle. “This year, the strategic partnership between Shell Intilaaqah Egypt and the AUC Venture Lab is streamlining exchanges between both programs, which share the same aspiration of achieving the maximum positive impact on the lives of young Egyptian entrepreneurs – the [type of] fruitful partnerships that contribute to national economic development,” he stated.

In the V-Lab Demo Day, startups presented their work and were evaluated based on milestones achieved during the incubation. Here is a brief rundown of the exciting ideas that the burgeoning startups are introducing to the Egyptian market:

WiRE Microsystems:

WiRE Microsystems is a service for structuring operating systems as well as designing and coding advanced system-recovery solutions.


Another startup aiming to improve businesses is Surv, an application that bridges the gap between customers and business owners. Through the platform, customer complaints and suggestions are compiled and reported directly to the registered business owner. 


For the first time in V-Lab cycles, a startup tackles addiction. Takestep provides patients, practitioners and guardians with a socio-medical integrated web and mobile platform that connects them with one another, and empowers them to take control of the recovery process.


Smartly.Fit is a technology and service supplier for gyms, which provides hardware that transforms existing strength-training equipment into smartly connected machines to automatically track workout activities and send all collected data to a cloud server.


Rology is an on-demand tele-radiology platform that connects patients with radiologists. The service allows patients to upload CT-scans, MRIs and X-rays in quick, easy steps that are instantly shared with specialists on the platform. 


To help patients get easier access to medicine, online platform Roshetta connects patients and customers to the nearest pharmacies, where users can either order the needed medicine directly or scan prescriptions.


Nozol, a real estate customer-relations-management (CRM) platform for developers and brokers, allows clients to manage their prospective pipelines and share real estate supply and demand on the startup’s website. 


Beitify connects users who want to furnish their home with top providers in Egypt through an application and website. It allows furniture stores to create and modify their own accounts with updated inventory for customers to view.


Furvive is an online furniture store that designs and delivers size-friendly and smart home equipment to customers' doorsteps.


En2el is a land-transport logistics platform that empowers customers and cargo service providers with technology and operational expertise, all while maximizing the utilization of operating trucks.


Vapulus is an application that enables easy online payment. Users only need to have a username and a smart phone to be able to send and receive payments and transfer money.


Jinni provides high quality sanitary services by hiring well-trained and trustworthy cleaning professionals and assigning them to home residents and businesses.