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The AUC School of Business Partnered Up with INJAZ Egypt in the “Starting Right” Initiative for Educating Public School Students in Egypt During the 2017 Fall Semester

Undergraduates Lead the Way to a Better Tomorrow

Mar 5, 2018

The alliance came within the School of Business’s continuous efforts to develop the responsible business leaders and change agents of tomorrow. As part of the endeavor, undergraduates from the School volunteered to teach groups of primary school students about business topics such as accounting, entrepreneurship and finance.

The goal was to get these fifth and sixth graders, most of whom had no prior knowledge of what business entailed, to broaden their horizons and begin to consider the plethora of options available out there for their unique minds.

While it was naturally difficult to deliver ideas in a mere one day to classes comprised of anywhere between 40 to 60 children, INJAZ Egypt had adequately prepared volunteers on how to best approach proceedings and deal with what could occasionally be pesky groups of youngsters.

There were some bumps along the way, but there seemed to be a consensus among participants that the young students were appreciative of the initiative.

“Children are hard to deal with,” explained volunteering accounting student Dalia Tobar. “You can’t just shout; you have to deal with them by being calm. Children can’t actually hide what they are feeling, which was a good thing for us as they [primary school students] got very excited and competitive during the day and kept asking us if we are coming back again in the future.”

Volunteers in “Starting Right” were similarly quick to note that they left the day with some personal gains of their own. Among the key areas enhanced due to their participation, in their minds, were communicational skills, patience, elaborateness and awareness of the foundations on which society is built. 

“I saw the reality of how things are [through partaking in the initiative],” stated participant and President of the AUC Accounting Association Nourhan Soliman. “I saw a different perspective on the root causes for the things that we see in the Egyptian culture. I also understood that dealing with a child is not easy as well. You need to have strong communicational skills.”

On the whole, “Starting Right” was such a hit among its varied participants that the School of Business and INJAZ Egypt are collaborating on yet another edition during the ongoing 2018 Spring Semester. 

Many of the previous run’s volunteers, including both Tobar and Soliman, have shown a desire to partake in the upcoming rounds to continue to pass the torch and share the knowledge that they have received. To them, there are not many educational starts that feel more rewardingly right.