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Gerhart Center to Work Side by Side with Savola to Foster Entrepreneurship Among Egypt's University Students

The John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy, Civic Engagement and Responsible Business is working with strategic investment giant Savola Group in a social entrepreneurship competition featuring youth from all over Egypt.

Apr 12, 2018

The partnership aims to foster interest in local manufacturing by giving university students around the country a platform to present their innovative ideas, all with an aim of contributing positive value to society, while granting participants the skills that they will need in the job market along the way.

As part of the arrangement, Gerhart Center will be using its organizational experience and considerable outreach to gather innovative ideas from all of Egypt’s domains. Savola, on the other hand, will be the initiative’s main sponsor and will provide continuous support to the university students not only throughout their journey in the competition, but afterwards as well.

Indeed, after the competition concludes in a one-day finale to be held in AUC, both Gerhart Center and Savola will continue to nurture winning teams to ensure that they have all the business support needed to efficiently sustain their projects. In doing so, both entities are showing an understanding that paving the way to a thriving tomorrow is a ceaseless journey that starts and ends by constantly giving the youth access to the tools needed to reach that future.

 “In Gerhart Center we believe that the youth hold the biggest impact on society,” says the Head of the Civic Engagement Unit at the center Pakiname Mamdouh. “They [young generations] simply renew and refresh the current status of our society. Thus, they need to be educated, advised, encouraged, taught and shown the way to go.”

It is for that purpose that Gerhart Center has often sought to focus most of its efforts on youth within the AUC School of Business’s overarching emphasis on responsible business practices. Along with being at the forefront of the Ma’an Arab University Alliance for Civic Engagement, a union among several Arab universities that aims to institutionalize civic engagement in the MENA region, the center holds repeated capacity-building trainings for students and educators in Egypt and beyond.

The partnership with Savola will be the latest example of such fondness for long-term development, with the competition promising a formidable opportunity for university students around Egypt to shine and steer the country towards a more prosperous future.