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Competitiveness and joyfulness were the two main emotions during the AUC School of Business Sports day held on November 6 to help the community bond, compete and have some fun.

A Sports Day isn’t Just About Winning, its About Bringing the Community Closer

Nov 15, 2018

Pleasure and eagerness sparkled in the eyes of all participants. It was a chance for a well-deserved fun day in a fully loaded semester. “The main aim of the event is to gather the students, faculty, and staff together in a school-wide event, for them to get to know each other in a different setting while enjoying their time… I believe that this goal was accomplished this year, and I hope to see this happen again during the next years, on a wider scale… I helped plan the event and was the one behind the idea of introducing a different element this year, which was Fitsquad.” said enthusiastically Nour Beshir, a senior student double majoring in business administration with a finance concentration and economics, and one of the main organizers for this year’s Sports Day. 

Talking about competitiveness, Reem Yakout was one of the most invested students during this day, winning 2 medals. “This was my first School sports day! At first I only came for the bonus, however, I really enjoyed the organization of the event, the competitive atmosphere between majors and the spirit between students in the same major to win,” said Yakout, a Management of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) senior. 

The day was a good chance for faculty, staff and students to bond and compete for a common goal. “I am so happy we started this tradition again, and I am impressed with the number of attendees, however, I wish that next time there will be more… The Sports day is so important because it builds teamwork, bring us all closer and allows some healthy needed competition,” said the Dean of School of Business Sherif Kamel, during the closing ceremony. 

The sports day was well organized and ran smoothly. It was proof that the School values the community and works tirelessly to bring them closer. “It's impressive to see the School care so much about the wellbeing of the community physically and spiritually,” said one of the participating staff members. The School’s staff, faculty, and students all cooperated in organizing this event; they all worked for hand in hand to make sure this day is better than expected. 

School majors had representatives during the sports day including, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Accounting, and MICT. They played football, volleyball, ping-pong, basketball and Fit squad. The MICT team won first place by securing 2 trophies in volleyball and football; the Accounting team came in second after securing 1 trophy in basketball. In the Fit squad competition, 2 came in first place and won 12 free sessions (Fit squad is a successful cross fit training facility in New Cairo).

Special thanks to the organizers who made this event a special successful day of team building and competition, especially the head of the organization team Khaled Samaha professor and chair of the Department of Accounting. 

For photos of the day click here