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PwC – Egypt and PwC Academy collaborated with AUC School of Business to deliver a workshop to the AUC community on what is blockchain, on December 4, 2018.

Blockchain – Back to Basics

Dec 20, 2018

The two-hour workshop was an immersive experience that explained the content of Blockchain to a general audience. Gavin Aspden, Regional Director for Professional Development at PwC’s Academy Middle East and Daniel Johnson, Manager within the PwC Digital Trust practice in the Middle East delivered the workshop in an interactive way to over 40 participants including department chairs, the school dean and a number of students and staff members.

The facilitators used some stimulating games to get the idea across to students, faculty and staff. In the main game participants went back to basics and translated all digital processes of money transfer into paper. Through a mix of theory and practical games participants got a better understanding of the processes, as well as, the checks and balances of blockchain and how it can save time, effort and eliminate human error.

The historical context that fostered the emergence of blockchain was briefly discussed and participants got insights into the theoretical concepts, key properties, components and technological features that underpin blockchain. Through learning from real-life cases, participants also explored the current applications of blockchain technology. They learnt the definitions of smart contracts and decentralized applications, the technology underpinning them and the associated risks and challenges in business applications.

“The business and economic applications of block chain are rapidly growing in terms of number and impact. The School of Business is always keen on introducing its community, and that of AUC at large, to new and exciting concepts.  This stems from our responsibility as a regional hub for disseminating knowledge, which goes beyond offering academic programs.  The PwC workshop on Block Chain is just another testament to the strong relationship between AUC School of Business and PwC. I look forward to other forms of collaborations,” said Ahmed Abdel-Meguid, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Administration.

PwC’s Academy is the learning and education business of PwC. They are committed to supporting the sustainable growth of talent across the region, operating across the Middle East and are part of a growing network of PwC Academies present in over 40 countries worldwide. They have been developing their own people for over 100 years and their ability to recruit, retain and grow talent has made them one of the largest and most successful professional services firms in the world. It is this deep experience of developing young professionals right through to successful business leaders that is built into all PwC’s Academy programs.

The event comes within the AUC School of Business efforts to provide a practical-oriented learning experience through connecting its constituents with corporate partners. The school is committed to bridging the gap between, theory and practice, through diversity and internationalization in teaching, research and extracurricular activities, equipping its community with a deep understanding of global market perceptions and different contemporary business practices to become responsible business leaders.