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Maintaining its position on the world map as the first and only business school in the Middle East to compete among the world’s top schools, the AUC School of Business Executive Education open enrollment programs have been ranked once again by the Financial Times (FT), coming in 74th out of 80 top-ranked Executive Education schools.

AUC School of Business Executive Education Open Enrollment Programs 74th Worldwide: FT Ranking

Jul 16, 2019

This edition of the FT rankings, released early June 2019, included the top 80 customized program providers and the top 80 open enrollment program providers, which are primarily based on data from the course providers, as well as ratings provided by students and corporate clients who have participated in the courses, along with assessments of course design, faculty, teaching methods and facilities. 

The open enrollment rankings in particular are based on 10 criteria for participants and six for data submitted by the schools. Participant criteria include preparation, course design, teaching methods and materials, faculty, quality of participants, new skills and learning, follow-up, aims achieved, food and accommodation, and facilities. As for school surveys, the criteria incorporate the percentage of female participants, international participants, growth, international location, partner schools and faculty diversity. 

Furthermore, to be eligible to participate in the FT rankings, the school should be accredited by AACSB or EQUIS, have a program that has been running for at least four years and graduate its first class at least three years before the ranking’s publication date. 

The AUC School of Business Executive Education programs have been consistent with their position and rankings since 2013, when it was ranked for the first time by FT. Through the rankings, along with the accreditations and the impact of the programs, the School’s Executive Education has become the leading regional platform for world-class executive education, allowing current and emerging business leaders to be equipped with the necessary tools to grow their businesses in a challenging global environment. With that, it continues to be the main provider for a varied portfolio of both open and customized executive programs for organizations in Egypt and the region.