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Dean Nabil Fahmy participated in the Arab Strategic Forum in Dubai

Dean Nabil Fahmy, Dean of the School of Global Affairs and PublicPolicy, participated in the Arab Strategic Forum, which took place in Dubai, along with David Cameron, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Leon Panetta, the former Defense Minister, and the international economist Mohamed AL-Erian and other VIPs.

    Dean Fahmy stated that the Arab world was at cross roads between falling into the political abyss or beginning to restore its political place and role in future.

    Fahmy addressing in the Arab Strategic Forum on “The Issues of the Arab world and the Middle East in 2017,” affirmed that the world was witnessing a number of changes in the United States, Europe, China, and the Middle East, and that in 2017 return to “Real Politic” on the expense of the “Political Ideologies”.

    Fahmy also said that the United States and Russia will seek to achieve understandings to avoid direct clashes between them on Syria or Ukraine, even if resolutions of the Syrian issue was not possible.

    Fahmy affirmed stated that the security and the stability of the Arab world depended on the security and stability of the key countries and the good management of the relations between them, particularly Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He added that for the Arab world to prosper would also require a positive interaction between them the smaller fast-moving Arab states that have an abundance of possibilities and resources.

Fahmy called for greater Arab dialogues especially about their vision of the future of the Middle East.

    Fahmy concluded that the Middle East international community will focus on fighting terrorism and the refugees’ issues in the next year, and will ask the Arab world to take more responsibility in both for security and covering the cost of these efforts.