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MPA and MPP First in the World to be “Triple Crown” Accredited

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) and the Master of Public Policy (MPP) in the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) received full accreditation from the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA) on August 29, 2017. This completes the two program’s “Triple Crown”, first of its kind globally in the field of Public Service education.

EAPAA is the only quality assurance authority in Public Administration that is active throughout Europe. It has accredited over 50 programs across the Council of Europe, including the leading institutes in the field. The American University in Cairo’s MPA and MPP were the first two programs outside the Council of Europe to receive accreditation from EAPAA.

The MPA and MPP both have previously received full accreditation from the Network of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) in July 2015 as well as from the United Nations sponsored International Commission on Accreditation of Public Administration Education and Training (ICAPA) in July 2017.

GAPP Founding Dean Nabil Fahmy stressed that “The award of NASPAA, ICAPA, and EAPAA accreditations to MPA and MPP programs offered by the Department of Public Policy and Administration just within the eight years of founding GAPP is a testimony for the exceptional academic quality of these two programs and speaks for the unfailing commitment, dedication, stellar professionalism of its faculty and administration at the department, GAPP and the AUC.” Dean Fahmy further noted that “This exceptional Triple Crown recognition of the programs will resonate globally creating vast windows of opportunities for its graduates.”

NASPAA, ICAPA, and EAPAA all maintain a rigorous review process, which embodies a lengthy self-study, peer review, and commitment to continuously raise the quality of education. The standards of each accreditation agency are the result of comprehensive efforts of many individuals and institutions to ensure the delivery of the best possible quality public service education.

Expressing his satisfaction with the outcome of the accreditation review process, Shahjahan Bhuiyan, Chair of the Department of Public Policy and Administration and GAPP Associate Dean for Administration and Undergraduate Studies, aptly noted that, “Each accreditation provided us with great feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the programs and outlined how to transform challenges into opportunities.” “The “Triple Crown” gives us the confidence that these two relatively young programs have attained a significant level of maturity to be globally competitive”. In addition, he noted that “the extraordinary recognition to the MPA and MPP programs provided our students with internationally validated evidence of our quality education,” Bhuiyan added.

“Each accreditation site visit team highly praised the quality of PPADstudents and alums, particularly their commitment to pursuing public service,” Bhuiyan noted. “The high quality of students to GAPP programs made possible through various fellowships. In this context, the generous Yousuf Jameel GAPP Public Leadership Fellowship deserves special mention, because it focuses on students eager to take on leadership roles in Egypt’s government and not-for-profit sectors” Bhuiyan added.