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UCLG-Africa Conference

"Laila El Baradei, Professor of Public Administration and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research recently participated in the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG-Africa) and its African Local Governments Academy (ALGA) First Forum of the Territorial Managers and the Training Institutes targeting the Local Authorities in Africa, 18-21 September, 2017.

The theme of the forum was "Human Resources of African Local Governments: The Time to Act ... Is Now". The Forum was attended by more than 600 participants from nearly 58 countries. 

El Baradei, as a board member of the International Commission on the Accreditation of Public Administration Teaching and Training programs (ICAPA), and as a board member of ALGA, did a presentation on how to maintain the quality of public administration programs through seeking international accreditation.

ICAPA was established in 2012 based on the standards adopted by the United Nations Department of Public Administration and Development Management, and which involved input from over 1500 public administration scholars and practitioners from throughout the world.

Other accrediting bodies include NASPAA and EAPPA. "Accreditation of programs allows academics and trainers to pause and assess the effectiveness and relevance of what they are doing, and this is a very important benefit," says El Baradei. 

The triple-crowned MPA and MPP programs of the AUC Public Policy and Administration department were cited as exemplary models.