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The Middle East Studies Center is Publishing the Inaugural Issue (MESC) Newsletter

The Middle East Studies Center (MESC) is an important component of the student and faculty experience at the American University in Cairo (AUC) because of its focus on the interdisciplinary study of the Middle East region.

We launched the MESC Newsletter to publicize MESC events and projects, to share student, faculty and alumni news, and to provide inspiration for diverse career opportunities in the field of Middle East studies. We hope the publication of this newsletter will help increase awareness of the role of MESC at The American University in Cairo and foster student engagement with MESC events and projects. 

Currently, we expect to publish the MESC Newsletter online three times annually: at the end of the summer, fall and spring semesters. We welcome contributions from MESC-affiliated students, alumni and faculty on current research projects, upcoming workshops and book or film reviews related to the region. The online version of the MESC Newsletter can be found here: