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 Volume Thirty Three
1. Masculinities in Egypt and the Arab World: Historical, Literary and Social Science Perspectives.  view abstract 
2. Anthropology in Egypt, 1900-1967: Culture, Function and Reform. view abstract 
The Church in the Square: Negotiations of Religion and Revolution at an Evangelical Church in Cairo. view abstract
The Political Economy of the New Egyptian Republic. view abstract. view abstract

Volume Thirty Two
1. Planning Egypt's New Settlements: The Politics of Spatial Inequities, Dalia Wahdan. view abstract
2. Agrarian Transformation In The Arab World: Persistent and Emerging Challenges, Habab Ayeb and Reem Saad. view abstract
3. Femininity and Dance in Egypt: Embodiment and Meaning in Al-Raqs Al- Baladi, Noha Roushdy. view abstract
4. Negotiating Space: The Evolution Of The Egyptian Street 2000-2011, Dimitris Soudias. view abstract

Volume Thirty One
1. Humanist Perspectives on Sacred Space,David Blanks and Bradley Clough, eds. view abstract
Law as a Tool for Empowering Women within Marital Relations: A Case Study of Paternity Lawsuits in EgyptHind Ahmed Zaki. view abstract
Sights of Knowledge: Visualizing A Different Middle East, Hanan Sabea and Mark Westmoreland. view abstract

Volume Thirty

1. Child Protection Policies in Egypt, Adel Azer, Sohair Mehanna, Mulki al-Sharmani, and Essam Ali. view abstract
2.“The Farthest Place": Social Boundaries in an Egyptian Desert Community, Joseph Viscomi. view abstract
3.The New York Egyptians: Voyages and Dreams, Yasmine M.Ahmed. view abstract
4.The Burden Of Resources: Oil and Water in the Gulf and the Nile Basin, Sharif S. Elmusa, ed. view abstract

Volume Twenty-Nine

1. Crossing Borders, Shifting Boudaries: Palestinian Dilemmas, Sari Hanafi, ed. view abstract
2/3. Political and Social Protest In Egypt, Nicholas S. Hopkins, ed. view abstract
4. The Experience of Protest: Masculinity and Agency Among Sudanese Refugees in Cairo, Martin Timothy Rowe. view abstract

Volume Twenty-Eight

1.Creating Families Across Boundaries: A Case Study Of Romanian/Egyptian Mixed Marriages, Ana Vinea. view abstract
2. and 3. Pioneering Feminist Anthropology In Egypt: Selected Writings From Cynthia Nelson, Martina Rieker, Ed. view abstract
4.Roses In Salty Soil”: Women And Depression In Egypt Today, Dalia Mostafa. view abstract

Volume Twenty-Seven

1. and 2.Cultural Dynamics In Contemporary Egypt, Maha Abdelrahman, Iman A. Hamdy, Malak Rouchdy And Reem Saad (Eds.). view abstract
3.The Role Of Local Councils In Empowerment And Poverty Reduction In Egypt, Solava Ibrahim. view abstract
4.Beach Politics: Gender And Sexuality In Dahab, Mutafa Abdalla. view abstract

Volume Twenty-Six
1.Culture And Natural Environment: Ancient And Modern Middle Eastern Texts, Sharif S. Elmusa, Ed. view abstract
2.Street Children In Egypt: Group Dynamics And Subcultural Constituents, Nashaat Hussein. view abstract
3.Imf-Egyptian Debt Negotiations, Bessma Momani. view abstract
4.Forced Migrants And Host Societies In Egypt And Sudan, Fabienne Le Houérou. view abstract

Volume Twenty-Five

1 and 2 Elections In The Middle East: What Do They Mean? Iman A. Hamdy, Ed. view abstract
3.Employment Crisis Of Female Graduates In Egypt: An Ethnographic Account, Ghada F. Barsoum. view abstract
4. Palestinian And Israeli Nationalism: Identity Politics And Education In Jerusalem, Evan S. Weiss. view abstract

Volume Twenty-Four

1. and 2. The New Arab Family, Nicholas S. Hopkins, Ed.
      view abstract
3. An Investigation Of The Phenomenon Of Polygyny In Rural Egypt, Laila S. Shahd.
       view abstract
4.The Terms Of Empowerment: Islamic Women Activists In Egypt, Sherine Hafez.
       view abstract 

Volume Twenty-Three

1.    Fiscal Policy Measures In Egypt: Public Debt And Food Subsidy, Gouda Abdel-Khalek And Karima Korayem.
2.    New Frontiers In The Social History Of The Middle East, Enid Hill, Ed.
3.    Egyptian Encounters, Jason Thompson, Ed.
4.    Women’s Perception Of Environmental Change In Egypt, Eman El Ramly.

Volume Twenty-Two

1.    Poverty And Poverty Alleviation Strategies In Egypt, Ragui Assaad And Malak Rouchdy.
2.    Between Field And Text: Emerging Voices In Egyptian Social Sciene, Seteney Shami And Linda Hererra, Eds.
3.    Masters Of The Trade: Crafts And Craftspeople In Cairo, 1750-1850, Pascale Ghazaleh.
4.    Discources In Contemporary Egypt: Politics And Social Issues, Enid Hill, Ed.

Volume Twenty-One

1.    Turkish Foreign Policy During The Gulf War Of 1990-1991, Mostafa Aydin.
2.    Stae And Industrial Capitalism In Egypt, Samer Soliman.
3.    Twenty Years Of Development In Egypt (1977-1997): Part I, Mark C. Kennedy.
4.    Twenty Years Of Development In Egypt (1977-1997): Part Ii, Mark C. Kennedy.

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