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The American University in Cairo Comprehensive Analysis of Move Pre/Post University Shift (CAMPUS) Research Project

AUC CAMPUS research project is an on-going research project designed to investigate how the recent historical move of the AUC campus from downtown Cairo to suburban New Cairo has impacted the AUC faculty and student community. 

Why study the AUC move?

During the summer of 2008, The American University in Cairo made a historic move to the New Cairo area after nearly a century of being housed in Cairo’s city center. While many universities conduct renovations, build extensions, and establish satellite campuses, AUC’s experience of moving to an entirely new campus is unique.

The old-new campus research Project represents an interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty, staff, alumni, and students to research the campus relocation from a social science perspective. In addition to filling a meaningful gap in the literature, this project generates valuable information about peoples’ experiences of the move that may help inform university programs and policies.  Finally, the research explores shifts in student, faculty and staff experiences related to social, emotional, and practical connections to the university and greater Cairo.

This is an on-going research project.  If you have questions, comments, or wish to contact the research team, please send e-mail to

To find out more regarding the on-going research and how to participate, please Click Here.