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The department aims to lead, promote and advance the discipline of psychology as a basic and applied science in Egypt, the wider Arab world and beyond and to further understanding of human behavior, thinking, and emotion through teaching, research, and community engagement. Undergraduate students gain a solid grounding in the theory, methodology, and core content areas of contemporary psychology, and graduate students gain essential knowledge and skills for competent professional practice.




The Department of Psychology celebrated its Inauguration on March 7, 2018. To view our special inauguration booklet, click here.

What makes our Department special? Watch our video: "Transforming Communities, Empowering Lives"

 Partnering for Success... see our Partnerships for Undergraduate Courses, Counseling Psychology, and Community Psychology here.

Psychology is the multifaceted scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. The program at AUC emphasizes physical, cognitive, emotional, personal and social development from infancy to adulthood. This development is studied against a background of major theoretical and applied domains of psychology, concentrating on important aspects of individual, group and cultural dynamics. Psychology is an exciting field of study that allows students to gain the following skills:

  • Understanding human thinking and motivation
  • Understanding and evaluating scientific research
  • Writing well-structured essays
  • Designing and conducting scientific studies
  • Using library resources to understand psychological functioning
  • Developing interpersonal/social skills
  • Understanding the role of culture in emotions and cognition


The aim of the psychology major is to provide students with a solid background in the current major areas of the discipline. It will give them insight, which can be of personal as well as of practical value in many other occupations. In addition, the program will prepare students to continue further studies leading to a professional career.


The minor in psychology provides a general introduction to the field without the depth of the methodological training required of majors.



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