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Egyptology/Coptology MA Requirements
The MA consists of a total of 27 credits, eight courses and a thesis. The courses will consist of seven classroom courses and one course of fieldwork that is appropriate to each candidate’s interest. Four are core courses, and four can be chosen by the student.
Thus, for students with an archaeological interest this will be more excavation focused, and for students who are more philologically inclined, this will be more epigraphic in nature. If students have a non-Egyptology background, up to a year of additional course work might be required in the form of prerequisites. These will be drawn from the undergraduate offerings, but for graduate students will require extra work in the form of a more extensive reading list, more detailed papers and more challenging exams.

We also require students to have a reading knowledge of either French or German prior to writing a thesis; this would be tested by a language exam. If the student’s research can be performed successfully without knowledge of a second language, the department may exempt the student from this requirement.

A thesis is required in all three branches of the MA in Egyptology and Coptology. The thesis must be written in English and submitted in accordance with University regulations.

Break down of Courses

Click here for Egyptology: Art, Archaeology and History (after prerequisites have been fulfilled)
Click here for Egyptology: Language, Literature and Religion (after prerequisites have been fulfilled)
Click here for Coptology

MA Thesis

After completing the course work, each student will prepare a statement of their research intent and methodology for the MA thesis. The Research Methods and Theory class will prepare for this. Once this statement is accepted by the committee, the student will be free to research and write, while continuing to meet with his/her committee head on a regular basis. The student’s committee must accept the completed thesis, which will be examined viva voce.