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Alumni Progress List 

  1. Adam Talib
    MA (2008), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD, Oxford University
    Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature, Durham University, England; Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic Literature at Arab and Islamic Civilizations, American University in Cairo (2012-2017).

  2. Adham Fahmy
    MA (1994), Islamic Art and Architecture. 
    KU LEUVEN '98 MSc Conversation of Historic Blogs and Sites.KU LEUVEN '16 PhD in Doctor of Engineering Arenberg Doctoral School, Faculty of Applied Sciences.KU LEUVEN Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. RLICC Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation                                                                                                                                                         

  3. Ahmed Mohamed Shahab 
    MA (1991), Middle Eastern History
    Shahab Ahmed is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, holding a joint appointment between the Committee on the Study of Religion, and the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.  He joined the Harvard faculty in 2005. He has previously been Assistant Professor of Classical Arabic Literature in the Department of Arabic Studies at the American University in Cairo, Junior Fellow of the Harvard Society of Fellows, and Visiting Researcher and Lecturer in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University.  He spent the academic year 2007-2008 as Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Visiting Scholar in the Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad.  He obtained his PhD in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University, and his BA in Middle East History from the American University in Cairo, before which he attended the Faculty of Laws at the International Islamic University, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.  He received his preparatory schooling in England at Caterham School, and in Singapore at the Anglo-Chinese School.

  4. Ahmed Sedky
    MA (1998), Islamic Art and Architecture
    PhD Candidate (2003), Edinburgh University
    Assistant professor in Saudi Arabic in Architectural Design and Conversation.    

  5. Ahmed Wahby
    MA (2000), Islamic Art and Architecture
    PhD (2008), Islamic Art and Architecture, Faculties of Human Sciences, Arts and Cultural Sciences, Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, Germany
    Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts, The German University in Cairo, GUC.

  6. Amanda Propost
    MA (2011), Middle Eastern History
    Academic Director for Study Abroad, Center for International Learning, Oman
    Part-time History Instructor at the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations, American University in Cairo, 2012

  7.  Amani El Shimi
    MA (2017) Islamic Studies
    Director of Undergraduate Research, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. AUC

  8. Amar Salem Baadj
    MA, Arabic Studies, American University in Cairo (Title of Dissertation: Relations between the Fatimid Caliphate and the Tribal Peoples of Egypt and North Africa, Thesis Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth M. Sartain)
    PhD (2012), Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto,
    (Title of Dissertation: 
    The Struggle for North Africa between Almohads, Ayyubids and Banū Ghāniya (From the Late Twelfth to the Early Thirteenth Century A.D., Thesis Advisor: Dr. Linda S. Northrup.)

  9. Amina Elbendary 
    MA (2000), Middle Eastern History
    Associate Professor, Arab and Islamic Civilizations Department. American University in Cairo.
    PhD in oriental studies from Clare Hall, University of Cambridge (2007)

  10. Amira Abou Talib
    MA (2012), Islamic Studies 
    Adjunct Faculty, Arab and Islamic Civilizations Department, American University in Cairo.                                                                                   

  11. Amr Sayed Osman
    MA (2002), Middle Eastern History
    PhD (2010), Princeton University 
    Professor of Islamic History in the Department of Humanities at Qatar University. He earned his PhD from the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University in 2010. His research interests include the intellectual history of Islam as well as modern and contemporary Arab politics and thought. His first book, The Ẓāhirī Madhhab (3rd/9th­–10th/16th Century): A Textualist Theory of Islamic Law, examines the history and doctrine of a medieval school of Islamic law, engaging with modern scholarship on ‘literalism’ and ‘textualism’. He has published peer-reviewed articles in both Arabic and English on the history of the redaction of the Qur’an, Muslim theology, the media and the Egyptian revolution (the real one, in 2011), global history, and the relevance of early Islamic history to modern politics in Muslim countries. He has also translated Wael Hallaq’s The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity’s Moral Predicament into Arabic.

  12. Anthony Teke Quickel
    MA (2015), Middle Eastern History
    PhD Candidate, Marburg University in German. 
    Adjunct Faculty, Arab and Islamic Civilizations Spring 2016 and Fall 2017                                                                                                                                              

  13. Bahia Shehab
    MA (2009), Islamic Art and Architecture
    Associate Professor and Director, Department of Arts. American University in Cairo. Shehab has been selected as one of the five recipients of the Prince Klaus Award. The award, named after Prince Claus of the Netherlands, honors outstanding achievements in the field of culture and development.
    Shehab was recognized for combining Islamic art history with contemporary Arab politics and feminist discourse in her art, activism and academic work. By tagging Cairo with calligraphy graffiti during the Arab Spring, creating artworks from reproduced ancient letters, and compiling the first Arabic script encyclopedia, Shehab uses the past to shed new light on the present and inspires the next generation of academics and graphic design.                                 

  14. Consepcion Tschirgi
    MA (2001), Islamic Art & Architecture
    Curator, AUC Manager of Hassan Fathi & Regional Architecture Collections.

  15. Dina Bakhoum
    MA (2004), Islamic Art and Architecture
    Currently working in Fanfoni, she is an engineer specializing in the restoration and the conservation of monuments
    Adjunct Faculty, Arab and Islamic Civilization Department. American University in Cairo.                                                                                                                              

  16. Eleonora Fernandes
    BA (1966) and MA (1976), The American University in Cairo. 
    PhD (1980), Princeton University.
    Eleonora Fernandes is an Associate Professor and the Chair of the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations at the American University in Cairo 2013 - 2018.

  17. Eric Trager
    MA (2007), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD Candidate and adjunct faculty of political science at University of Pennsylvaniawhere his research focuses on Egyptian opposition parties. He was in Egypt during the 2011 anti-Mubarak revolts, and his writings have appeared in numerous publications, including the New York TimesWall Street JournalForeign Affairs, the Atlantic, and the New Republic.
    He served as a research assistant at The Washington Institute from 2005 to 2006 upon graduation from Harvard University with a degree in government and language citations in Arabic and Hebrew.

  18. Elsa El Mahdy
    MA (2007), Arabic Language and Literature
    MA (2012), Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, The American University in Cairo
    Arabic Language Coordinator, Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley                                                                                                                                             

  19. Fatema Al Suliti
    MA (2010), Islamic Art and Architecture
    PhD in Islamic Art, Architecture and Archeology, Doha, Qatar

  20. Garrett Davidson
    MA (2006), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD candidate in the University of Chicago’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.
    His dissertation examines ways in which the idiom of oral hadith transmission is used in the construction of authority in Sunni scholarship. Before coming to the University of Chicago, Garrett lived in Cairo for several years where he completed an MA in Arabic studies at t
    he American University in Cairo. Garrett’s research interests include issues related to constructs of religious and scholarly authority in the Islamic tradition, hadith, the Arabic manuscript tradition, Islamic reform movements of the twentieth century and Islamic mysticism in the Early Modern and Modern periods. In addition to his dissertation work, Garrett is preparing an edition of three previously unpublished manuscripts of the Moroccan hadith scholar ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Kattani.

  21. Hala El Ganyni
    MA (2001), Arabic Language and Literature
    Senior Royalties Coordinator, AUC Press & Bookstore.
    PhD Beni Soueif University.
    Arabic Language Instructor, School of Continuing Education, The American University in Cairo

  22. Hani Reda Hamza
    MA (1997), Islamic art and Architecture, The American University in Cairo
    PhD (2004), Islamic Art and Architecture from Cairo University
    He is the author of The Northern Cemetery of Cairo (Costa Mesta, California: Mazda, 2001), in which he provides an architectural analysis of the cemetery along with more general information on the Mamluk period (1250 – 1517) and of a two-volume work on the Mamluk Egypt, Misr al-mamlukiyya: qira’at jadida (Mamluk Egypt: A new interpretation), (Alexandria: Dar al-‘ayn li-lnashr (2014). Dr. Hamza is also the author of numerous articles and has presented his research on Mamluk architecture at several international conferences. 

  23.  Heba El Toudy
    MA (2005), Islamic Art and Architecture
    PhD Candidate, American University of Beirut.

  24. Heba Mostafa
    MA (2006), Islamic Art and Architecture
    Heba Mostafa is the Sultan Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow in the areas of History of Islamic Art, Architecture, and Urbanism for the academic year 2013-14. Heba received her doctorate from Cambridge University’s Department of Architecture in 2012, where she also taught courses on Islamic art and architecture. She previously held positions at the American University in Cairo and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. She holds a B.Sc in Architectural Engineering from Cairo University (2001) and an MA in Islamic Art and Architecture (2006) from the American University in Cairo. Her research focuses on the early development of Islamic architecture with an emphasis on interaction between the political and religious in the articulation of early Islamic authority through architecture within the mosque, palace and shrine.
    While at Berkeley, Dr. Mostafa is hosted by the Department of the History of Art. This fall she is teaching Art History C121A: Introduction to Islamic Art and Architecture, which is cross-listed with Arch 179P: Special Topics in the History of Architecture and NES C121A: Topics in Islamic Art. The course will treat, in depth, topics in Islamic architecture and topics in Islamic art. Subjects addressed may include painting, calligraphy, and book production. She is currently working on turning her dissertation into a book with the working title "Religio-political Authority and the Formation of Islamic Architecture."


  25. Hoda El-Saadi
    MA (1990), Middle Eastern History.
    PhD (1996), Cairo University.
    Adjunct Faculty, Arab and Islamic Civilizations Department,  American Univerity in Cairo.

  26. Iman R. Abdulfattah
    MA (2004), Islamic Art and  Architecture
    PhD candidate at the University of Bonn.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  27. Jassica Mutter
    MA (2009), Middle Eastern History
    PhD Student, Near Eastern Language and Civilizations, Early Islamic History.
    Assistant Professor, University of Chicago.

  28. Jehan Reda
    MA (1997), Islamic Art  and Architecture
    PhD, Cairo University.
    Adjunct Faculty. Arab and Islamic Civilization. American Univerity in Cairo

  29. John Halliwell
    MA (2006), Arabic Language and Literature
    Senior Translator and Linguist at MetaLinguaL
    He commenced his training in Arabic at Georgetown University in 2000. After receiving his BSc in international relations in 2003, he moved to Cairo, where he has been residing since. Since 2007, he has been working full time as a translator, engaging both projects of a more technical nature (such as for the United Nations), as well as on those of a more religious-literary nature (such as the speeches of the Egyptian Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa) and a Quranic commentary.

  30. John Martin
    MA (2011), Islamic Studies
    PhD Candidate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil

  31. Maha Saleh
    MA (1999), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD, Faculty of Arts, Banha University
    Adjunct Faculty, Arabic Language Institute. American University in Cairo.
    Expert in the literature committee, Academy of the Arabic Language.

  32. Maisoon Al Swidan
    MA (2012), Islamic Studies
    PhD Candidate, Philosophy, Tufts University

  33. Marie Pascale Ghaszaleh
    MA (1997), Middle Eastern History
    PhD (2004), Ecoles des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris
    Assistant Professor, Department of History, The American University in Cairo

  34. Matthew B. Ingalls
    MA (2004), Arabic Language and Literature
    Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies - Islamic Studies, University of Puget Sound
    PhD (2011), Department of Religious Studies - Islamic Studies, Yale University

  35. Mohamed Abdel Rahman
    MA (2008), Middle East History
    PhD, Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies, Free University of Berlin.

  36.  Mohammed Akkad
    MA (2002), Islamic Art and Architecture
    He teaches at AUC at the PVA teaching art and architecture in the engineering section. He is completing a PhD in Spain on Islamic design connections between Egypt and the rest of the world.

  37. Mohamed El Amrousi
    MA (1994), Islamic Art and Architecture
    Ph.D, University of California, Los Angeles
    Assistant Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, United Arab Emirates

  38. Nairy Hampikian
    MA (1992), Islamic Art and Architecture
    PhD Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles
    Focusing on archaeology relating to Islam
    She is an architect who graduated from Cairo University and has enriched her professional formation in historic preservation, Islamic and Armenian history of architecture and archaeology in different international universities in Egypt, Armenia, Italy, Germany and the United States. 
    Since 1985, she has been involved in different international excavation/conservation projects in different architectural and archaeological fields in Egypt. Having specialized in the conservation of monuments in historic Cairo since 1998, she is the director of the USAID-funded Bab Zuwayla Conservation Project. Simultaneously, she lectures widely, writes articles on various architectural and conservation subjects around the world, and teaches architectural conservation in the Architectural Department of Misr International University (MIU) in Cairo. She runs a firm on architectural heritage management, conservation, research, history and training that focuses mostly on Islamic heritage.

  39. Nelly Hanna 
    Professor and chair of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Civilizations, The American University in Cairo
    Hanna earned her Doctorat d’Etat at the University of Aix en Provence in France.
    She has been teaching full-time at AUC since 1991. She has also been professor/guest lecturer at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (May - June 1998), at Harvard University (January - June 2001) and at Waseda University, Tokyo (December 2008 - January 2009).

  40. Nesrin Helmy Allam
    MA (2007), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies University of London

  41. Noha Abou Khatwa,
    MA (2001), Islamic Art and Architecture
    PhD, Toronto University

  42. Noha Radwan
    MA (1994), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD, University of California
    Assistant Professor, Columbia University

  43. Nuri Friedlander
    MA (2006), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD Candidate, Harvard University
    Co-founder of Beyond Halal, a project that examines the intersection between Islamic law, ethics, the environment, food and the treatment of animals
    Nuri is currently the visiting chaplain at the Harvard Islamic Society.

  44. Paul Anderson
    MA (2012)Islamic Studies
    PhD, Candidate in Philosophy, Middle Near Eastern and Semitic Languages, Literature and Linguistics, Harvard University

  45. Rose Aslan
    MA (2008), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD, Department of Religious Studies - Islamic Studie, University of North California
    Assistant Professor of Religion, California Lutheran University.

  46.  Rasha Ali
    MA (2011)Islamic Art and Architecture 
    PhD Candidate, Sorbonne

  47. SalahattinEmre Celebi
    MA (2011), Middle East History
    PhD, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

  48. Sawsan El Gogary
    MA (2009), Arabic Language and Literature
    Research Professor at AUC’s Science and Technology Research Center (STRC)
    PhD in Molecular Biology, Rutgers University in New Jersey.

  49. Seif Rashidy
    MA (1999), Islamic Art and Architecture
    Works in the Aga Khan Trust for Culture’s Cairo Projects.
    Member of the Darb al-Ahmar Neighborhood revitalization team and involved in urban conservation and preservation

  50. Shahira Salah Eldin Khalil
    MA (1995), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD (2001), Barrington University, New York
    Editor-in-Chief Samir Magazine at Dar El-Helal Group

  51. Shams Eddin Tantawy
    MA (1994), Islamic Art and Architecture
    Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University.

  52. Sean Connor Riordan
    MA (2002), Middle Eastern History
    School of Law, University of California (2007)


  53. Sherif Kemel
    MA (2012), Islamic Art and Architecture
    Dean of the School of Business at the American University in Cairo (AUC) since 2009
    Professor of Management Information Systems at the Department of Management.

  54. Siko Bouterse
    MA (2006), Middle Eastern History
    BA, Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley
    Head of Community Fellowships, Wikimedia Foundation.

  55. Tarek Abdel Hamid Galal 
    MA (2005), Islamic Art and Architecture
    PhD, Archaeology, Cairo University
    Professor, Modern Sciences and Art University, Cairo. 

  56. Tarek Sweilam
    MA, Islamic Art and Architecture
    PhD (1994), Harvard University
    Art historian and travel consultant, the Middle East and North Africa

  57. William Kopychi
    MA (1996), Arabic Language and Literature
    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    Middle East Bibliographer, University of Pennsylvania.


  58. Yasmine Amin
    MA (2011), Islamic Studies
    PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies University of London

  59. Zachary Wright
    MA, Arabic studies, Middle East history, from the American University in Cairo
    BA, History, Stanford University.
    PhD, Associate professor in residence at Northwestern University in Qatar, with joint appointments in history and religious studies.
    Wright received his PhD (
    history) from Northwestern University, with a dissertation focusing on the history of Islamic knowledge transmission in West Africa.