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Distinguished Visiting Professor
The Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations regularly hosts distinguished scholars and cultural figures who come to AUC and to Cairo to deliver lectures for AUC students and the wider scholarly community. In 1993, the department hosted Noam Chomsky, arguably the most influential thinker of the second half of the 20th century, and in 2002, we welcomed the legendary Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. The department has also had the pleasure of hosting many of the most important scholars working today, including Suraiya Farouqhi (2012), Fred Donner (2011), Finbarr “Barry” Flood (2014) and Roy Mottahedeh (2006).

Spring 2014
*Finbarr “Barry” Flood (NYU), the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of the Humanities and professor of art history at New York University, will be giving two lectures. Flood received his PhD in medieval Islamic architecture from the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include art and architecture of the Islamic world; cross-cultural dimensions of Islamic material culture; theories and practices of image-making; technologies of representation; art historical historiography, methodology and theory; and Orientalism.

"Globalism Before Europe: Egypt, India and the Arch" - For more information, click here

"Ornament and Distraction in the Medieval Mosque " - For more information, click here

Fall 2012
* Suraiya Farouqhi (Bilgi/Munich), professor of history at Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey, and professor emerita at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. 

She is the author of numerous books including: 

  • Artis Mans of Empire: Crafts and Craftspeople Under the Ottomans (2009)
  • The Ottoman Empire (2008)
  • Merchants in the Ottoman Empire (2008)
  • The Ottoman Empire and the World Around It (2006)
  • Subjects of the Sultan: Culture and Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire (2005)

She delivered two lectures on October 1 and 3, 2012 :

    • "Christian and Jewish Artisans in Late Eighteenth-Century Istanbul" - More information here
    • "Tasty Things and How to Obtain Them: Special -- But Non-royal -- Foods and Beverages in the Ottoman World" -  More information here  

    Previous Distinguished Visiting Professors

    • Fred Donner (Chicago)
    • Stefano Carboni (Art Gallery of Western Australia)
    • Oliver Watson (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)
    • Roy Mottahedeh (Harvard)
    • Mohamed Abdel Haleem (SOAS)
    • Robert Hillenbrand (Edinburgh) 
    • Leila Fawaz (Tufts)
    • Mahmoud Darwish
    • Doris Behrens-Abouseif (SOAS)
    • Stephen Humphreys (UCSB)
    • Ebba Koch (Vienna)
    • Robert Mabro (Oxford)*
    • Walter Denny (UMASS) 
    • Ghassan Salama (AUB)*
    • George Saliba (Columbia) 
    • Claude Audebert (Aix en Provence)
    • Noam Chomsky (MIT)*
    • Aptullah Kuran (Boğaziçi)
    • Charles Issawi (Princeton)*