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Spring 2018

Qahwa and Kalam

  • "On the Oral Origin of Law, from Sunna to Shari'a" - For more information, click here
  • "The American Research Center in Egypt Red Monastery Conservation Project: Community Engagement in Heritage Preservation" - For more information, click here


Annual History Seminar

Oriental Hall, AUC TahrirSquare

For its 2018 session, the Annual History Seminar will focus on working in Egypt in the 19th century to question issues related to workers, their recruitment, training, organization and management, both rural and urban work, crafts, handicraft and industrial work, and other forms of labor. This focus aims to bring into the presentations and discussions a number of vital questions which have a bearing on our understanding of the century as a whole and the subsequent history of Egypt.
For more information, click here


Fall 2017

Arabic Cultural Program

  •    "The Archive and the Production of Knowledge: a New Vision"- For more information, click here

Cleveland Bayard Dodge

Doris Abou Seif (Former Nasser D. Khalili Chaor SOAS, University of London)

  • "Islamic Geometry: The Evolution of A Legacy"
  • "The Mamluk Book Market"

For more information, click here.

Spring 2017

Qahwa and Kalam Series 

  •  "How (Not) to Write a Novel: Popular Fiction in the Nahda and Beyond" - For more information, click here.      

 Arabic Cultural Program

  •  Lecture by Lebanese writer Abbas Beydoun-  For more information click here
  • The Tentmakers of Cairo (2015), a film by Kim Beamish about a community of artists located in the heart of Old Islamic Cairo- For more information click here
  • Novelists Basma Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Rabie and Na'il al-Tukhi to discuss representations of dystopia in their most recent works - For more information click here

 Cleveland Bayard Dodge

Marina Rustow (Princeton University)

  • "An Introduction to Digital Tools for Arabic Geniza Documents" 
  • "Recycled Fatimid State Documents from the Cairo Geniza"

 For more information, click here.

Annual History Seminar

 Oriental Hall, AUC Tahrir Square

This round of the Annual History Seminar aims to focus on Upper Egypt in particular, in order to better understand its relation to the capital, and its importance in the Egyptian social, economic, and cultural history. This seminar will seek to understand it also in comparison with other regions of Egypt, in attempt to study Egyptian history in its variety and diversity, and to restore balance to our understanding of long-term developments and change. Focusing on an important region such as al-Sa‘id could allow scholars to trace some of the important patterns of change in Egyptian and Middle Eastern history. For more information, click here


Fall 2016

 Qahwa and Kalam Series 

  • "Through the Microscope: An Archaeobotanical Study of Wine in the Coptic Church"- For more information click here
  •   "Behind the Scenes of Asakir Wa-Harameyya (Police and Thieves)"- For more information click here
  •  "A Forgotten Revolution: Al-Harith bin Surayj and the Quest for Social Justice in the Late Umayyad Period: - For more information click here

Arabic Cultural Program

  • Cairo, Streets and Stories, by Hamdi Abu Golayyel -  For more information, click here
  •  Le Challat De Tunis , Un Film De Laouther Ben Hania- For more information, click here


    Spring 2016

    Qahwa and Kalam Series

    • "Academia Vs. Tourism"-For more information, click here
    • "The Top 10 Myths About Arabic Poetry"- For more information, click here

    Arabic Cultural Program

    • al-Banat dol (These Girls, 2006)"- For more information, click here
    • "Black and White in the Arabic Novel"- For more information, click here

     Clevland Bayard Dodge

     Bassam Tibi ( University of Göttingen)
    "Islam's Exposure to Modernity"
    "The Sharia-tization of the Islamic State "
    - For more information, click here 

    Annual History Seminar

    Annual History Seminar, Oriental Hall, AUC Tahrir Square.
    This annual seminar organized by the Department of Arab and Islamic CIvilizations brings together established and young scholars from Egypt and the Middle East. This year's theme is "Shari’a, Fiqh, ‘Urf, Qanun: Entangled Legal Histories of the Middle East" 

    For more information about the seminar, click here

    Spring  2015 

    Qahwa and Kalam Series

    • "Anxiety About the Urban in 1950s Egyptian Cinema" - For more information, click here
    • "Giving Heritage a New Life" - For more information, click here
    • "Rethinking the Early Nahda" - For more information, click here
    • "Did Arabs Invent the Long-Distance Relationship" - For more information, click here

    Arabic Cultural Program

    • "Egyptian Theater Problems" - For more information, click here 

    Bayard Dodge
    Adam Sabra (UCSB), 2015
    "Family and the State in the Ottoman Egypt: The Bakriyya as an Example"
    "Sufism and Political Theory in the Late Middle Ages "
    - For more information, click here 

    Annual History Seminar

    Annual History Seminar, Oriental Hall, AUC Tahrir Square
    This annual seminar organized by the Department of Arab and Islamic CIvilizations brings together established and young scholars of Egypt and the Middle East. This year's theme is The 15th Century: Deep Transformations and New Possibilities. Participants include scholars from the United States, Germany, Syria and Egypt. 

    For more information about the seminar, click here.

    Fall 2014

    Qahwa and Kalam

    • "Caliphate: The Surprising Afterlives of a Medieval Institution" - For more information, click here
    • "Staring History in the Face" - For more information, click here

    Arabic Cultural Program

    • "New Writing" - For more information, click here   
    • "Literature and Modern Communication Media" - For more information, click here  
    • "Cinema and Censorship" - For more information, click here  

    Spring  2014

    Bayard Dodge

    • "Autobiography in Arabic Literature" - For more information, click here
    • "From Oral to Written to Digital" - For more information, click here

    Annual History Seminar

    • Day 1: "Before the Modern, After the Medieval: Egypt and the Middle East in the 18th century" - For more information, click here
    • Day 2: "Before the Modern, After the Medieval: Egypt and the Middle East in the 18th century" - For more information, click here

    Arabic Cultural Program

    • "Literature and Press" - For more information, click here 
    • "Poetry and Singing" - For more information, click here 

    Distinguished Visiting Professor

    • "Globalism Before Europe: Egypt, India and the Arch" - For more information, click here
    • "Ornament and Distraction in the Medieval Mosque" - For more information, click here

     Qahwa and Kalam Series

    • "Dar al-Kutub After the Bombing" - For more information, click here
    • "Oum Cartoon: Satire at a Tense Time" - For more information, click here
    • "Love Stinks: Valentine's Day Poems" - For more information, click here
    Fall 2013

    Arabic Cultural Program
    • "Poetry and Singing" - For more information, click here 
    • "Creativity and Freedom" - For more information, click here
    Qahwa and Kalam Series
    • Guerrilla Publishing" - For more information, click here
    Spring 2013

    Arabic Cultural Program
    • "Egyptian Women Artists" - For more information, click here
    • "Egyptian Colloquial Poetry" - For more information, click here
    Qahwa and Kalam Series
    • "Baladilab: Communicating Architecture" - For more information, click here
    • "Between the Traditional the Modern in Mecca" - For more information, click here
    • "The 51 Children of Assiut" - For more information, click here
    • "Love Me in Arabic or Don't Love Me at All!" - For more information, click here 

    Fall 2012

    ARIC Distinguished Visiting Professor
    Two DVP lectures delivered by:

    * Suraiya Faroqhi, professor of history at Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey, and professor emerita at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. 

    She is the author of numerous books including: 

    • Artis Mans of Empire: Crafts and Craftspeople Under the Ottomans (2009)
    • The Ottoman Empire (2008)
    • Merchants in the Ottoman Empire (2008)
    • The Ottoman Empire and the World Around It (2006)
    • Subjects of the Sultan: Culture and Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire (2005)

    She will deliver two lectures on October 1 and 3, 2012 as follows:

    • "Christian and Jewish Artisans in Late Eighteenth-Century Istanbul" - More information here
    • "Tasty Things and How to Obtain Them: Special -- But Non-royal -- Foods and Beverages in the Ottoman World" -  More information here  

    *Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni, distinguished research professor of law emeritus at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, will give three lectures on November 11, 12 and 13, 2012 as follows:

    • "The Pursuit of International Criminal Justice" - More information here
    • "The Arab Spring and Egyptian Revolution: An Assessment" - More information here  
    • "The Revival of Islamic Culture and Civilization in the Modern World" - More information here
    Qahwa and Kalam Series
    • "A Mamluk Manual of War: Fifty Years Out of Print" - More information here 
    • Film: "Live on Stage: A Century of Theater in Egypt" - More information here
    • "Taking Back Cairo" - More information here
    • "The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo: Masterpieces and Problem Pieces" - More information here

    Arabic Cultural Program

    • "Images of Naguib Mahfouz" - More information here