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Qahwa and Kalam Lunch Hour Series


Qahwa and Kalam is a lunch hour series started by the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations (ARIC) in 2012. The events aim at discussing, in an informal and welcoming setting, many of the issues and themes of Arab and Islamic studies that are also of relevance to contemporary Arab and Egyptian society. These talks are aimed at the AUC community at large, especially students and faculty from other disciplines. Past events have included a talk with Professor Mohamed Serag on what the implementation of sharia involves and what the term means, a screening of a film on the heroic feats of librarians risking their lives to save the Islamic manuscripts in Bosnia during the civil war, and a talk with ARIC alumnus and Adjunct Professor Dina Bakhoum on the meaning of heritage and its preservation.

Several events took place during the Fall 2012 semester; including a talk by Professor George Scanlon on the republication of his book, A Muslim Manual of War and the screening of a film produced by Professor Mona Mikhail on the history of Arab theater, as well as several film screenings and talks by guest speakers. As the title of the series implies, you can always count on a good cup of coffee and refreshments. 


Spring 2019 

  • "The Arabesque Leaf Scroll"- For more information, Click here.
  • "Contemporary Mosque Architecture and the Sanctioning of Sacred Form" - For more information, click here
  • "Reflections of Love in Hafez's Poetry" - For more information, click here


Fall 2018

  •  “The Story of a Cairene Calligrapher in Mamluk times” - For more information, Click here
  •  "Egypt without architects: Recovering the country's design history" - For More information, Click here


    Spring 2018

    • "Islam in the Netherlands: Muslims in a Secularising Society" - For more information, click here 
    • "On the Oral Origin of Law from Sunna to Shari'a" - For more information, click here.  
    • "The American Research Center in Egypt Red Monastery Conservation Project: Community Engagement in Heritage Preservation" - For more information, click here


    Spring 2017

    • "How (Not) to Write a Novel: Popular Fiction in the Nahda and Beyond" - For more information, click here.      


    Fall 2016

    • "Through the Microscope: An Archaeobotanical Study of Wine in the Coptic Church"- For more information click here
    •   "Behind the Scenes of Asakir Wa-Harameyya (Police and Thieves)"- For more information click here
    •  "A Forgotten Revolution: Al-Harith bin Surayj and the Quest for Social Justice in the Late Umayyad Period: - For more information click here


    Spring 2016

    • "Academia Vs. Tourism"-For more information, click here
    • "The Top 10 Myths About Arabic Poetry"- For more information, click here


    Fall 2015

    • "AUC in the Arab Cultural Imaginary. Professor Samia Mehrez" - For more information, click here
    •  Signed: Bilal Khayr, Your Respectful Slave. Letters From a Family Archive" - For more information, click here
    •  "Islamic Law and the Modern Egyptian Legal System" - For more information, click here
    •  "Al-Athar Lina: Can Conservation Be a Vehicle for Social Development?- For more information, click here


    Spring  2015

    • "Anxiety About the Urban in 1950s Egyptian Cinema" - For more information, click here
    • "Giving Heritage a New Life" - For more information, click here
    • "Rethinking the Early Nahda" - For more information, click here
    • "Did Arabs Invent the Long Distance Relationship" - For more information, click here


    Fall  2014

    • "Caliphate: The Surprising Afterlives of a Medieval Institution" - For more information, click here
    • "Staring History in the Face" - For more information, click here


    Spring  2014

    • "Dar al-Kutub After the Bombing"- For more information, click here
    • "Oum Cartoon: Satire at a Tense Time" - For more information, click here
    • "Love Stinks: Valentine's Day Poems" - For more information, click here


    Fall 2013

    • "Guerrilla Publishing" - For more information, click here

    Spring 2013

    • "Baladilab: Communicating Architecture". For more information, click here
    • "Between the Traditional the Modern in Mecca" - For more information, click here
    • "The 51 Children of Assiut" - For more information, click here
    • "Love Me in Arabic or Don't Love Me at All!" - For more information, click here

    Fall 2012

    • "A Mamluk Manual of War: Fifty Years Out of Print" - For more information, click here
    • Film: Live on Stage: A Century of Theater in Egypt - For more information, click here
    • "Taking Back Cairo" - For more information, click here
    • "The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo: Masterpieces and Problem Pieces" - For more information, click here