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Mission Statement

The mission of the music program is to teach the theory, literature and performance of music, as well as the theory and practice of music technology, to the highest attainable standard in the context of a liberal arts environment, with an orientation toward performance and study in both Western and Arab music.

Performance is central to the study of music at AUC. All students at AUC (including nonmajors and  minors) may register for MUSC 1800 (one-credit course) in order to take private lessons in voice or in Western or Arab instruments with some of the best teachers and performers in Egypt, including members of the Cairo Symphony and Opera Orchestra, and singers in the Cairo Opera.

All students at AUC (including nonmajors and minors) are encouraged to participate in public performances in student ensembles such as the Chamber Singers (MUSC 2660), Arab Music Ensemble (MUSC 2620) and Guitar Ensemble (MUSC 2630), and in student soloist recitals offered by students in Private Applied Instruction (please see above).

The program offers two distinct majors, a Bachelor of Arts in music technology and a Bachelor of Musical Arts (BMA) in performance. There are also two minors: the minor in music and the minor in music technology.

The BA in music technology is a liberal arts degree which prepares students for a career in sound engineering, i.e. music recording, editing, production and broadcasting, or for graduate study in the field. The BMA in performance is a professional degree built on a liberal arts core which prepares students for a career in teaching or performance in voice or an instrument, or for graduate study in performance.

The Institute for Music Technology offers a sequence of courses in music recording, editing and production, music for video and film, and electronic music. Such training is crucial not only to students interested in a career in these professions, but also to performers and teachers who need to create and edit demos and audition tracks, to use music files in websites and other Internet applications, or to prepare and market recordings of their own performances and compositions. The Institute for Music Technology is responsible for the ARTS recording studio, which is used both as a teaching space and for professional recording.

The Cairo Choral Society is a community chorus dedicated to the study, promotion, and performance of the great choral works in the Western musical tradition. It presents performances with a professional orchestra (the Cairo Festival Orchestra) and soloists at various venues in Cairo. The membership is voluntary, multinational and cross-generational. The Cairo Choral Society was founded in 1983; in the fall of 2009 it became an ensemble-in-residence within the Department of the Arts. One of the leading large choral ensembles in Egypt, it is both a community-based organization and a for-credit course at AUC. Students may also participate in the chorus on a not-for-credit basis.