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Careers and Alumni



ECLT graduates pursue careers in all the possible professional niches of the literary eco- system: academia and research; cultural entrepreneurship; editing, publishing and  translation; creative production; civil society and international organisations; and communication and media. Our emphasis on excellent writing, communication and critical  thinking skills make our graduates competitive entrants to the job market. Our MA graduates have been accepted into PhD programs around the world, including Harvard,  Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Washington, as well as across Europe, in Oxford, Leuven, FU Berlin, and others. 


    “I joined AUC for my master's. And I think it was in the margins of a paper on Romantic Theory that John Rodenbeck wrote - in his distinctive, black-inked, broad-nibbed calligraphy - that he wished my paper read less like a laundry-list. By the time I had written - for him - my thesis on Romeo's death wish I had worked out some kind of a style. Thank you, John, and thank you, AUC.”
Ahdaf Soueif ’73foremost Anglo-Arab author and Booker Prize nominee 

“Ideally situated within AUC’s cosmopolitan milieu, the Department of English and Comparative Literature . . . . was a great opportunity for personal growth and a firm foundation for my doctoral studies in comparative literature.”
Waïl S. Hassan ’90; Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    “When my sister and I chose to study literature as undergraduates, we were often faced with the daunting question: why?. . . .Does anyone doubt learning to read and write? Learning to think and appreciate? Well, studying literature is those skills in their perfect form.”
Nadia Wassef ’94 ‘96; Hind Wassef ’92 ‘95Founders of Diwan Bookstore 

“I am a physician who decided to pursue her passion for literature alongside her medical career after graduation. When I first thought of studying literature, I wrote to the Chair and graduate student advisor. Their replies encouraged me to take the step. I cannot be more grateful to be here and to be part of this department.”

Nada Maurice, Graduate student, 2017

"The English and Comparative Literature department has been home to me for the seven years of my higher education. As I complete my thesis and conclude my time at ECLT, I owe a large part of who I am today to the individual professors who have each walked my journey with me.”

Basma Bishay, Graduate student, 2017



  Ahdaf Soueif
Foremost Anglo-Arab author and Booker Prize nominee 
Khaled Mattawa
Libyan poet, MacArthur Fellow, and Professor at the University of Michigan
Gala El-Hadidi
Opera singer, Principal soloist at the Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden Semperoper, Germany
Haifaa al-Mansour
First female Saudi Arabian film director

Hassan Khan

Nadia Wassif and Hind Wassif
Founders and CEOs of Diwan Bookstores

Nada Nosseir
Founder and CEO, Turath stores

Waïl Hassan
Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Hala Halim
Professor, New York University

Mona Baker
Professor, Manchester University

Areeg Ibrahim
Professor, Harvard University

Sania Shaarawi
Distinguished interpreter and humanitarian officer

Jacinthe Assaad
Editor, Beltone Financial. PhD. Washington University

Eman El-Nouhy
Deputy Publishing Manager, Longman: Egyptian International Publishing Co. PhD. Cairo U