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The Literature Club


The heart of our department is our students, and the culmination of student activity on campus happens in the Literature Club. The Literature Club is a voluntary student-led association. It brings together AUC undergraduates, graduates, and auditors of all majors and programs who are interested in literature to spread the love of the literary word among the AUC community.

The Literature Club is a great place to get a taste of the humanities and arts, free from the restriction of the classroom or the course requirements of a degree. It offers AUC students the chance to improve their critical thinking and creative writing skills.

The club organizes a wide range of events including creative writing workshops, film screenings, and poetry readings. It also hosts popular authors and cultural entrepreneurs for talks and workshops. Past guests have included cultural entrepreneurs, such as the Prime Magazine team and the founders of the Diwan bookstores; as well as much admired creative guests such as the poet Fatima Naout, the novelist Shereen Hanaay, the novelist Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, and the film director Safaa Fathy.


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Current President: Georgette Rizk.

Current President: Georgette Rik