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Recent Issues

Alif  36 (2016): Friendship: Representations and Cultural Variations

Alif 35 (2015): New Paradigms in the Study of Middle Eastern Literatures

Alif 34 (2014): World Literature: Perspectives and Debates


 Alif  36 (2016): Friendship: Representations and Cultural Variations 

English Section:

David Konstan: "Loyalty: The Missing Virtue in Classical Thought"

Héba Machhour: "L’amitié pour Montaigne: L’ami — le livre"

Suha Kudsieh: "Beyond Colonial Binaries: Amicable Ties among Egyptian and European Scholars, 1820 - 1850"

Sara Nimis: “As if with him in bed”: Intimacy and Authority in Early Modern Arab Biographies"

Ahmed Elnimeiri: "Thoreau and Emerson: An Anatomy of a Friendship"

Doaa Embabi: "Friendship and Solidarity in Prison: Mandela and Habashi"

Annemarie Pabel: "'I want the diary to be my friend':The Imagined Friend in Anne Frank’s Diary"

 Marwa Ramadan: "Friendship without Boundaries: Spirituality and Sufi Wisdom in Schmitt’s Monsieur" 

"Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Qur’an"

Hala Amin: "The Politics of Friendship in Manuel Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman"

Mohamad Malas: "Portrait of a Friend: Sonallah Ibrahim" (Translated by Margaret Litvin)

Arabic Section:

Mahmoud el-Dabaa: "Friendship and Ideology in Selected Novels by Mahfouz"

Haitham Alhajali: "Techniques and Function of the Narrator-Friend in Mahfouz and al-Wakil"

Ahmad A. Elsheemi: "Friendship in the Poetry of al-Mutanabbi and John Milton"

Faten Hussein: "Friends in Illness: A Reading in Arabic Memoirs of Illness"

Asmaa Mouikel: "Friendship and Lesbianism in Feminist Narratives"

Wen-chin Ouyang: "Male Friendship and Brotherhood in Arabic and Chinese Cultures"

Ghada Abdel Hafeez: "Sisterhood across Ethnicities: A Reading of Toni Morrison’s A Mercy"

Safaa Fathy: "Derrida and the Politics of Friendship and Enmity: An Assimilative Reading"

May Muzaffar: "Friendship: Testimony and Scenes"


Alif  35 (2015): New Paradigms in the Study of Middle Eastern Literatures 

English Section:
Amir Moosavi: "How to Write Death: Resignifying Martyrdom in Two Novels of the Iran-Iraq War"


Hanan Hammad: "From Orientalism to Khomeinism: A Century of Persian Studies in Egypt"

Christine Gilmore: “A Minor Literature in a Major Voice”: Narrating Nubian Identity in Contemporary Egypt" 

Mary Youssef: "The Aesthetics of Difference: History and Representations of Otherness in al-Nubi and Wahat al-ghurub" 

Douja Mamelouk: "New National Discourses: Tunisian Women Write the Revolution" 

Blake Atwood: "Tehran’s Textual Topography: Mapping Youth Culture in Contemporary Persian Literature" 

Sharareh Frouzesh: "The Receding Horizon: Iranian Films and the Overcoming of the Melancholia of Justice" 

Babak Elahi: "The Critic as Activist: The Art Review Discourse in Iran" 

Amira El-Zein: "Mythological Tuareg Gods in Ibrahim al-Koni’s Work"

Balqis Al-Karaki: “'Like a Balcony': The Philosophical Text within the Poetic Metaphor" 

Michael Beard: "Reflections on Modern Literatures of the Middle East" (Interview)

Arabic Section:
Asmaa Mouikel: "Middle Eastern Femininity and Feminist Narratives" 

Haidar Khezri: "Arabic Comparative Literature: Intersections with West Asian Literature"

Dina Heshmat: "Mahfouz’s Cairo and Pamuk’s Istanbul: The City and Historical and Cultural Upheavals" 

Marie Thérèse Abdelmessih: "National/Diasporic Exile: Crossroads and Future Prospects" 

Farhad Shakely: "Kurdish Short Story: Emergence, Development, and Future Horizons" 

Ahmed Gamal: "Retranslating Identity and Gender in Leila Aboulela’s The Translator and Lyrics Alley" 

Doha Massabi: "Intertextuality between Kitab al-hub and the Sufi Text" 

Mounira Soliman: "The History of Arab National Songs: A Popular Culture Approach" 

Walid El Khachab: "Sufi Cinema and Filmic Poetry in Abbas Kiarostami’s Work" 

Dalia Said Mostafa: "Filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan: Cinema of Social Relations in Contemporary Turkish Society" 

Haifa Zangana: "A Non-Personal Portrait: Remembrance of a Hybrid Origin"

Tara Flynn Deubel: "Poetics of Diaspora: Sahrawi Poets and Postcolonial Transformations of a Trans-Saharan Genre in Northwest Africa" (Translated by Mohammed Birairi)

Alif  34 (2014): World Literature: Perspectives and Debates

English Section:
Sabry Hafez: "World Literature After Orientalism: The Enduring Lure of the Occident"

Joseph R.Slaughter: "World Literature as Property"

Benjamin H.Ogden: "Quantum Criticism: A Poetics of Simultaneity for Global Literature"

Brian Doherty: "The Center Cannot Hold: The Development of World Literature Anthologies"

Barbara Lekatsas: "La pensée de midi: Mediterranean Cosmopolitanism in the Work of Camus, Cavafy, and Chahine"

Gretchen Head: "Confronting the Right-Thinking Bourgeoisie: Shukri, Genet, and a Poetics of Inversion"

Hala Ghoneim: "Imagined Audience and the Reception of World Literature: Reading Brooklyn Heights and Chicago"

Haifa Saud Alfaisal: "World Reading Strategies: Border Reading Bandarshah"

Anouar El Younssi: "An Exoticized World Literature: Ben Jelloun at the Two Shores of the Mediterranean"
Arabic Section:
Dia Al-Azzawi: "Plastic Art Intertwined with World Literature: An Iraqi Testimony"

Ziad Elmarsafy: "World Literature and the Worldliness of Literature"

Mohammad Salama: "World Literature Between Center and Margin: A Reading of Postcolonial Arabic Literature"

Samia Mehrez: "Mapping the Novel: Moretti and the Re-making of Literary History"

Erich Auerbach: "Philologieder Weltliteratur (Translated and introduced by Hala Farrag)"

Wen-chin Ouyang: "Intertextuality and Transformation: Collective Memory in Chinese and Arabic Historical Novels"

Esraa Shammari: "World Visions on “Strange(r)ness:" Wadih Saadeh’s Poetry as an Example"

Maisa Alkhawaja: "Mythical Elements and Existential Questioning in Darwish’s Jidariyya"

Fayza Haikal: "The Contribution of Pharaonic Literature to World Culture" (Interview)