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Undergraduate Program

BA in English and Comparative Literature

The undergraduate program offers thorough grounding in aesthetic appreciation and critical reading of literary texts and various cultural media. Courses encapsulate the classic works of English and European literature, from ancient times until the present. Courses also provide a strong theoretical background into the history of critical appreciation and production of literary texts, from ecocriticism to postcolonialism, and from gender to postmodernism. Some of our most popular courses also deal with creative writing, popular culture, and cinematic and artistic production. Geographically, courses are centred on  Anglophone and European as well as Arabic writing, and supplemented by wide-ranging coverage of global literatures.



The major in English and Comparative literature requires a total of 42 credit hours which cover a variety of periods, genres, theories, social issues and geographical areas.



The minor in English and Comparative Literature requires any five courses taken at the 2000-
level or above. The courses introduce students to various literary genres. The minor seeks to
foster a critical appreciation and love of literature as well as an understanding of its role in
society and culture.


For more information about the admissions requirements, click here.