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The activities of the HUSSLab program can be divided into three tracks:

Track One: Cultivating an Intellectual Community in HUSS:
To promote the role of the humanities in teaching and research at AUC.

Specific Objectives
  • Cultivate existing intellectual resources (faculty and students)
  • Dismantle administrative barriers that hinder inter-disciplinary research and teaching
  • Promote the humanities as a realm of inquiry among students
  • Expand research opportunities for AUC faculty and students

Track Two: Forging Global Partnerships in Research and Pedagogy:
To promote knowledge production outside the Global North.

Specific Objectives

  • Promote cross-pollination of ideas and teaching strategies by bringing scholars from other Global South contexts to AUC
  • Establish research collaborations between local and regional institutions
  • Promote nascent research and teaching efforts in Egypt by collaborating with local partners outside the university and governmental structure
  • Bring Global South researchers and knowledge practitioners to academic audiences in the Global North.

Track Three: Extending AUC’s Public Outreach:
To decolonize knowledge by promoting Arabic-language knowledge production and to direct AUC’s considerable expertise in the humanities to the wider community in Cairo, Egypt, and the region.

Specific Objectives

  • Promote the production and dissemination of accessible scholarly knowledge in Arabic for a non-academic audience in Egypt and across the Arab World via texts and podcasts
  • Offer intensive workshops (winter schools) for non-academic professionals whose work would benefit from exposure to cutting-edge humanities methodologies, debates, and approaches, but who cannot take time to pursue an advanced degree
  • Engage the public in conversations pertaining to issues of contemporary relevance or resonance with academics from AUC and from other institutions, especially those working in Global South contexts
HUSSLab Author Workshops
The HUSSLab will invite the author of a notable recent academic book to Cairo each semester during the duration of the grant. The author visit will take place over one week during which time the author will participate in two events (a lecture and a workshop) to support research innovation and the public humanities.