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The activities of the HUSSLab program can be divided into three tracks:

Track One: Cultivating an Intellectual Community in HUSS:
To promote the role of the humanities in teaching and research at AUC.

Specific Objectives
  • Cultivate existing intellectual resources (faculty and students)
  • Dismantle administrative barriers that hinder inter-disciplinary research and teaching
  • Promote the humanities as a realm of inquiry among students
  • Expand research opportunities for AUC faculty and students

Track Two: Forging Global Partnerships in Research and Pedagogy:
To promote knowledge production outside the Global North.

Specific Objectives

  • Promote cross-pollination of ideas and teaching strategies by bringing scholars from other Global South contexts to AUC
  • Establish research collaborations between local and regional institutions
  • Promote nascent research and teaching efforts in Egypt by collaborating with local partners outside the university and governmental structure
  • Bring Global South researchers and knowledge practitioners to academic audiences in the Global North.

Track Three: Extending AUC’s Public Outreach:
To decolonize knowledge by promoting Arabic-language knowledge production and to direct AUC’s considerable expertise in the humanities to the wider community in Cairo, Egypt, and the region.

Specific Objectives

  • Promote the production and dissemination of accessible scholarly knowledge in Arabic for a non-academic audience in Egypt and across the Arab World via texts and podcasts
  • Offer intensive workshops (winter schools) for non-academic professionals whose work would benefit from exposure to cutting-edge humanities methodologies, debates, and approaches, but who cannot take time to pursue an advanced degree
  • Engage the public in conversations pertaining to issues of contemporary relevance or resonance with academics from AUC and from other institutions, especially those working in Global South contexts