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Khamasin: The Journal of the American University in Cairo’s Department of Political Science

The Khamasin journal was started in 2006 by the American University in Cairo’s Department of Political Science. This journal is intended to serve as a forum for learning and dialogue within the AUC community and beyond. It responds to a desire voiced by both students and faculty to encourage a community of exchange at the departmental and school levels, and to reach out to a larger readership on contemporary issues of social and political import. Khamasin seeks to publish theoretical, field and research driven studies which address a variety of issues within the scope of political science in particular, and the social sciences and humanities in general.

To these ends, Khamasin retains an “open access” policy and encourages participation and contribution from AUC, Egyptian and international academic communities. Khamasin invites a variety of submission formats: articles and essays, monographs, book chapters, reviews, working papers, talks and conference papers, responses/rebuttals and commentaries. As well, interdisciplinary ventures which address, directly or indirectly, issues of political concern are welcome from all sectors of the humanities and social sciences.

Background/ History

The journal was originally initiated by Ivan Ivekovic in 2006 as a way of building community within the political science department, while simultaneously providing an opportunity for graduate students and faculty to publish and share ideas. In the longer term, it was also seen as a way to eventually contribute to and participate in the academic community beyond AUC. The members of the political science department voted in 2008 to move from a hard copy to an online format.

As its first online editor explained in its inaugural online issue,

Khamasin refers to the hot, dry, southerly wind which emerges every March from the Sahara, blowing east across the southern Mediterranean.  The term, derived from the Arabic for the number fifty, recalls the nearly two month period of erratic daily temperatures when the people of the region collectively confront the desert grit. It is in this sense of a regional “predicament” that we have named our journal; not to conflate history with the ineluctable conditions of climate, but rather as a reminder and recognition of a shared condition, interest and future (Eric Goodfield, May 2008).

Resuming publication after four years, Khamasin still seems timely for a journal focused on the contentious politics of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 

Faculty Editorial Board
Spring 2018 issue:

             S. Javed Maswood

Editorial Assistants

            Aseel Azab-Osma

            Hebatallah Marwan

            Hana Shaltout

Editorial Staff

            Sylvia Yacoub

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