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Alumni Testimonies  



“I graduated as part of the second class of students majoring in the honors program in political science –– a new major that required we write a thesis in preparation for postgraduate school. I found this to be a very strong major, which allowed me to pursue my PhD at the Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies department at Colombia University in New York. The thesis prepared me well for academic conferences, presentations and publications. By my second semester as a freshman at AUC’s political science department, I became a research and teaching assistant, which helped me get acquainted with the job market in my sophomore year.  After graduating, I started working as a Program Fellow covering Egypt's elections in 2013 with The Carter Center democracy program. The political science department at AUC helped prepare me for a very small and increasingly difficult job market, as well as the competitive and daunting application process to postgraduate schools. I am indebted to all my professors at the department.”


 –– Karim Malak ’13 

PhD Candidate at MESAAS, Columbia University; Advisory Board Member of the Floating Laboratory of Action and Theory at Sea (FLOATS); Contributing Editor at Borderlines - The online ezine publication of the Journal of Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and Middle East Studies.




“After I graduated from AUC and dug deep in the work field, I started realizing how POLS -as an arm of this entity- effectively built the person I am today.  The education I received from professors of AUC was sophisticated in a way that prepared me for life; always following to date with the world around me, and behaving professionally. Whenever I apply for a job; I see it clear that I am credited more than other candidates because of my field of study in such a reputed institution. This decision was a definite turning point for me! Today, I am a lecturer of Politics and Diplomacy in a respectable American academy, conveying everything I already learned in my home, AUC."


 –– Ghadeer Hassan '17

 Lecturer of Politics and Diplomacy 





"Where do I start? AUC has been more than a home to me, it accepts you and allows you to flourish in studying what you enjoy. I made many memories in the HUSS building where I studied my two favorite subjects: Political Science and History. The uniqueness of the professors, peers, and courses all culminated in the shaping and morphing of both my intellectual and social identity. My four years in AUC were filled with several ups and downs, it was those years that drove me to pursue an MSc in International Relations from the LSE. It is safe to say that AUC propelled my academic interest and inspired me to become more successful."  


 –– AbdelRahman Yasser '18

Msc student, International Relations, London School of Economics






"I have always dreamt of becoming a successful politician and diplomat. Studying Political Science at AUC helped me achieve my dream because it allowed me to view the political world from different angles. It gave me the needed tools to work at national and international organizations. 

The diversity of our professor's cultural and educational background while enhancing diversified materials on many levels; political level, legal level, historical level, cultural level.... etc., allowed me to emulate a world vision that helps in predicting the future and avoid possible escalation or conflicts on files I work on. Political Science has made me live everyday's political events as a political adventure I am part of, and have affect on."


–– Esraa Osama '16

Political Analyst, Embassy of Japan in Egypt





 "I was told that females don’t get careers in politics easily. However, I decided to go against all odds, follow my ambitions, and double major in Political Science as well as do a specialization in International Relations. My decision has proved to be a right one as my academic experience has helped me gain knowledge and earn important skills that made me eligible to getting hired in my current job."


 Yomna Abdelnasser ’18

Political Officer, Human Rights Unit, State Information Service




Since day one I knew I had a passion for politics and governmental issues. My choice of Political Science as a major was an opportunity to learn about the foundations and basics of government. It was an eye opener and a chance to learn about the dynamics of the political life. Luckily, I also joined the Senate at AUC for the same reason. It was a chance to finally apply what I learned and it was a chance to see how politics and lobbying actually work but on a local level. It also prepared me to work in the private sector, yet still working on my passion which is closely related to the laws and regulations, which is what I have been working on. It’s a great exposure and I get to work very closely with the government and see the daily changes that the country is going through. Working with one foot in the private sector and another in the public one is very hard to balance. However, my role as a Public Policy specialist is to create harmony between government policies and internal corporate policies simply by always being alert. You have to be aware of every update related to both spheres, follow up with news, all media outlets and having a Birdseye view on all related matters. This is exactly the first thing I learned at AUC – that knowledge is power –actually materialized. 

  Farah Abdallah ’17,

Public Policy Specialist at Vodafone 



“As a political science undergraduate student, I was exposed to professors who presented me with various theoretical approaches and analytical tools that led me to critically assess the discipline and the world around us. By specializing in international relations and learning about liberal thought and realist state tendencies, I was able to develop my own stance that applies discourse, as well as gender and class analysis, to interrogate and deconstruct the commonsensical world I had once accepted at face value.”


 –– Sarrah Kassem ’13

Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Tübingen