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Egyptology is the scientific study of the history and culture of ancient Egypt, from the earliest years of recorded human civilization to the Arab conquest; a time span covering some 4,600 years. Egyptology covers all aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization, from language and religion, to art, architecture and social structure. Studying Egyptology at AUC includes site visits as well as occasional hands-on experience on-site or at museums.

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Bachelor of Arts                                                  
The program aims at preparing students for careers in the science of Egyptology and on the preservation and management of Egypt's material heritage. Research, writing and presentation skills are also stressed. Incoming students will:

  • Acquire knowledge, appreciation and understanding of ancient Egypt's cultural heritage and its legacy in the world.
  • Acquire mastery of the research tools upon which a career in Egyptology must depend, including knowledge of the ancient Egyptian language and scripts, as well as skills in excavation and site analysis.
  • Prepare properly for the caring, maintenance and preservation of ancient Egypt's unique cultural heritage.


Egyptology is the science and study of ancient Egypt, including the different aspects of its material and nonmaterial culture. The minor in Egyptology is designed to provide students with a substantive introduction to ancient Egyptian civilization through the study of its history, art and architecture, religion and literature.

Minor in Coptic Studies

The minor provides students with an introduction to Coptic studies through the study of both the Pharaonic and Islamic periods. This interdisciplinary program draws primarily from Egyptology and Arabic studies, and covers religion, art, literature, and social and political history from the early days until the present. Influences between different groups, as manifested culturally, will also be studied. Although the main offerings for this minor are currently based in Egyptology and Arabic studies, other offerings from political science, religion, art history as well as history, can also be included where appropriate.



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Egyptology Major and Minor



Egyptology Faculty


Egyptology Field Work



Graduate Program



 Egyptology in the



AUC Egyptology alumni

Bryan Kraemer, Meredith

Brand, Kate Liszka, and

Nicholas Brown are

photographed together

at Wadi el-Hudi, Site

Four.The four alumni

are working with the

Wadi el-Hudi Expedition,

under the direction of

Dr. Liszka, on a two

month long salvage

archaeology season.

The goal of the expedition

is to survey, map, and

excavate all 18

archaeological sites at

Wadi el-Hudi in the

Eastern desert. These

mining and settlement

sites date to the Middle

Kingdom and Roman

Periods, and are under

threat by modern mining

companies that have

begun to exploit the


To follow their

work this fall, visit and

"like" the Wadi el-Hudi

Expedition Facebook page


The Egyptology unit is very

proud of our alumna Monica

Hanna ('04), aka

"Monuments Woman"who

has just been appointed as

associate professor and 

founding dean of the newly

established college of

archaeology of cultural

heritage at the Arab

Academy of Science,

Technology and Maritime



The Egyptology unit is

very proud of our alum, 

 Yukinori Kawae, who

has just been selected as

National Geographic

Emerging Explorer

.He is oneof only 13 

 selected worldwide to 

 receive this prestigious


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