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Reproductions and Digitization

The Rare Books and Special Collections Library’s Reprographics Center offers a wide range of digitization and photocopying services for users, including photocopying, digital scanning, photography, and audiovisual media digitization.  Digital scanning equipment includes flatbed scanners, oversized plan/map roll scanner, digital cameras with stand, and slide and negative and videocassette tape scanning equipment.

Photocopying, digital scanning, photography, and media digitization services for RBSCL materials are offered solely by the RBSCL’s Reprographics Center; there are no self-service photocopy machines or scanners.

Users can access RBSCL Reprographics Center’s services at its Room 3032 location.  For users working with special collections or archival materials, unit staff and subject specialists will coordinate the process of making and receiving reproductions; permission to publish must be received from library staff.

A Reprographic Services Request Form (available at the RBSCL Research Help Desk or at the Reprographics Center) must be completed and approved by a library staff member.  

Library staff may refuse to grant permission for photocopying, scanning, or photography due to an item's age, fragility, size, or other aspects of its condition, including possible damage from light or  

handling.  Books from locked rare books storage areas are generally not allowed to be photocopied, but in some cases may be photographed or scanned.

Copyright limitations on making reproductions are enforced by the RBSCL; in compliance with United States Copyright law, no more than one chapter or ten percent of a book may be copied per day.

Besides paper photocopies, digitized items can be provided in various formats, file types, and image resolutions, and on various delivery media (flash drive, DVD, cloud storage account), according to the user’s needs.  Consult with Reprographics Center or subject specialists for options.

Photocopy requests are normally completed and ready the same day, depending on the nature of the request.  Digital scanning and photography requests are normally completed and ready in two to five business days, although some formats can be produced in a shorter period of time.  For inquiries about your order contact the Reprographics Center at telephone number 2615-3652.

Prices for services are as follows:

Photocopies and Prints

Black and White


A4 Size

.50 EGP (50 Piasters)


A3 Size




Article or Book (PDF)

.50 EGP (50 Piasters)



Books (fragile, rare) - using Digital Camera and Equipment


Oversized (maps, large books etc.) - using Digital Camera and Equipment

10 EGP

Audiovisual Media Conversion (based on medium, recording length)

Consult Staff

For digital files delivered to users on DVD, there is a charge of 3 EGP for each DVD provided.

For digitizing to be used in commercial publishing please discuss pricing with library staff.

Advance payment for service is requested.

In limited cases personal cameras, mobile phone cameras, or personal scanners could be permitted at the discretion of library staff; please consult with the Research Help Desk staff or the unit staff or subject specialist you are working with about this. Use of flash is usually not permitted, and users should provide the library with a file of the digital images they produced.  There may be a cost for making digital images with your personal equipment.

Users wishing to bring major camera or recording equipment into the RBSCL must receive prior permission from AUC’s Office of Communications and Marketing (see AUC website for contact details).

Copyright for AUC University Archives holdings and most special and archival collections is held by the RBSCL,  but permission from the holder must be sought if the library does not hold the copyright.  Library staff will attempt to provide copyright holder contacts and information in such cases, but the user is responsible for taking action to receive copyright permission.

Permission to publish material scanned, photographed, otherwise digitized from  RBSCL materials must be received from library staff.  Users should complete an “Application for Permission to Publish, Broadcast, or Quote from Rare Books and Special Collections Library Materials" form for material for which the RBSCL holds the copyright.  The library may charge publication rights fees may apply, depending upon the nature of the user and the intended use of the images, and are determined on a case-by-case basis; consult with library staff about this.



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