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Current AUC Projects


“Visualizing Fatimid Cairo” (project in progress)

 “Visualizing Fatimid Cairo” is an AMICAL supported DH project, creating a collaboration between the AUC Library, the AUC Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) and the AUC History department.

The aim of “Visualizing Fatimid Cairo” project is to create an interactive visual representation of the history of Fatimid Cairo (969-1171). Different aspects (art, architecture, literature, and culture) of historical Cairo will be displayed to enable researchers to inquire and analyze the formation of the city as well as its political, economic and cultural identity.

The project will give an opportunity for cross-disciplinary collaboration between historians, architects, sociologist, and scholars who are interested to study Fatimid Cairo. Available links to digital books written by Medieval Islamic historians who describe the city during the Fatimid period will be provided and accessible whenever it is relevant to the historical context of the city.

The first stage of the project will focus on visualizing and mapping the Fatimid mosques of Cairo.
An Islamic antiquities historical map that dates back to the year 1948 will be used as a base layer to navigate the mosques. Upon clicking on a particular mosque, the user will be provided with further information and resources about the mosque, related to its establishment, description, significance, and renovation attempts. A narrative of each mosque will be included to highlight its story, which will include historical pictures of the monument available through AUC Rare Books and Special Collections library. Themes related to the ideologies of the city’s founders and how they affected the city’s urban planning and structure will also be emphasized. It is important to note that the aim of the project is not to provide new research or findings about the mosques but rather to organize and group the information in an engaging visual format.

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