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The Center for Translation Studies (CTS) was launched on December 1, 2009. The establishment of CTS reflects the goals of the American University’s mission and is devoted to reflectively and reflexively do what the university in Cairo and its Press has been committed to since their beginnings: translating across worlds, societies, communities, cultures, and languages.

As a research facility the Center is committed to the production and dissemination of knowledge about translation and interpretation studies. Through its In Translation lecture series as well as its yearly research symposia, CTS pays equal attention to the theory and practice of translation and opens up a vast area of interdisciplinary research as well as challenging and exciting comparative work in the field of translation studies.

AUC’s strategic location in New Cairo and Downtown Cairo, its rich academic and infrastructural resources, and its long-standing commitment to cross cultural, multi-lingual conversations make it uniquely equipped, positioned, and qualified to engage the field of translation studies in remarkable ways. CTS builds on these already existing resources and works closely with various university entities and programs in order to create a state of the art Center for translation studies and training in the region.

 The Center is currently developing a graduate program in translation studies and training that will integrate:

o Theory and practice of translation
o Conference interpretation
o Media and screen translation

CTS Presentation in English

CTS Presentation in Arabic