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House of Translaton Introduction


The House of Translation is a joint collaborative initiative between the National Center for Translation of the Ministry of Culture in Egypt and the Center for Translation Studies at The American University in Cairo. It was launched in October 2011 and is anchored in the history of a region that has been and continues to be a crossroads for different cultures and civilizations and a hub for translation and the transfer of knowledge. It is from this historically privileged position that the House of Translation can and must aspire to a global role in the future of translation studies.

The House of Translation is conceived as a translator-in-residence program that will host distinguished translators and researchers to conduct lectures and workshops as well as present work-in-progress that will enhance innovative translation projects linking various cultural achievements and legacies. It will be open to the participation of faculty, graduate students, and professionals worldwide and will be home to international and multi-disciplinary projects in a wide range of languages that will open up a vast area of exciting comparative work across the boundaries of ‘national’ cultures in an attempt to redress the balance of the dominant flows of translation and to establish a new geo-politics of translation theory and practice.

At a moment when Egypt- indeed the entire Arab world- has inspired worldwide translations of its ongoing uprisings to demand change, it is befitting for Egypt to be home to a collaborative and global project on translation that would be the focus for re-envisioning, re-situating and re-mapping discourses, theories, and practices surrounding the increasingly vibrant and interdisciplinary field of translation studies and translation practice.


First Year Invitation Cycles 2012
During the first year 2012, residence at the House of Translation will be by invitation. There will be three consecutive cycles during the year: February, June, and September. Each focused on one area in the field of translation and translation studies. The guest scholars will be selected by a joint committee from the National Center for Translation (NCT) and the Center for Translation Studies (CTS) accordingly. Scholars-in-residence are expected to give two public lectures in their field of specialization and will conduct a two-day workshop with a selected number of students, translators, and researchers.

The first cycle at the House of Translation is focused on Translation Studies and Theory. The inaugural lectures will be delivered by Professor Michael Cronin, senior lecturer in the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies and dean of the Joint Faculty of Humanities, Dublin City University.

The second cycle at the House of Translation is focused on Arabic and International Organizations. The lectures will be delivered by Mr. Mohammed El-Kholy, distinguished award-winning translator at the Arabic Translation Service of the United Nations.

To learn more about the House of Translation Scholars-in-Residence in 2012       click here. 

First Lecturer Michael Cronin

Second Lecturer Mohammed El-Kholy

Third Lecturer  Ed Brice

To learn more about the House of Translation lecture dates and titles click here. 

To learn more about workshop topics and schedules click here

To learn more about Professor Micheal Cronin lectures and workshop Feb. 5 - 7 Clck here 

To learn more about Mr. Mohammed El-Kholy’s lectures and workshop Click Here

To learn more about Mr. Eid Bice's Lectures and workshops click here 

Readings for The House of Translation Workshop "Translation and New Media" by Ed Bice, December here

To read the report of participants click here 

Residence Application Cycles 2013

Starting the second year cycles in 2013, residence at the House of Translation will be by application. An open call for applications, guidelines and deadlines will be posted on our website.
LATER For The House of Translation Residence Application Form click here. 

For Guidelines and Deadlines click here 


• Each guest scholar will conduct a two-day workshop with a group of specialized translators, researchers, and scholars.

• To participate in a workshop, candidates should fill out the application form available in English and in Arabic on the CTS and NCT websites.

• Participants will be selected by a joint CTS/ NCT committee based on the criteria provided in the application.

• The workshops are designed to engage participants at both theoretical and skill-based levels in a specific field of translation practice and theory that will be announced before the beginning of each cycle.

• Each workshop is comprised of two full-day sessions (a morning session from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm and an afternoon session from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm). These sessions will be conducted by the scholar-in-residence.

• There will be one full-day of independent group work by participants between the two workshop days during which the group will be asked to translate a selected text that will provide the basis of discussion for the final day of the workshop.
• Texts for translation will be selected by the scholar-in-residence in consultation with the participants.

• Samples of translated workshop texts will be posted on our websites at CTS and NCT.


For the application form in English click here
Applications should be completed and sent no later than November 15 for the December 2012  workshop by email or registered mail.

Applications should be sent to ALL of the following:

Samia Mehrez:
Khairy Douma:
Iman Zarif :

Applications should be sent to:

Iman Zarif
Center for Translation Studies
Room 1003
The American University In Cairo, New Cairo campus

 • Confirmation of receipt of application form will be sent by email to all applicants.

• Selection of participants will be announced by email.

List of Accepted Participants of Decmeber Workshop

• Selected participants will pay a workshop registration fee of LE 300 in person by June 15, 2012 to:

Iman Zarif

Assistant to Director, Center for Translation Studies
AUC Hostel, Lobby Booth
16 Mohamed Thaqeb Street (across from Maraashly Church)
Zamalek, Cairo

For further questions contact:
Samia Mehrez:
Iman Zarif:
Tel: (202) 2615.1312