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Mona Michael
Mona Mikhail is professor of Arabic literature and women studies in the Department of Arab and Islamic Civlizations, ARIC. She has served on the faculties of Princeton University, and New York University prior to joining AUC. She has numerous publications, books and articles on Arabic literature, and the role and status of women. She is also the receipient of several prizes for her translations, notably the PEN prize for translating a selection of short stories of Yusuf Idris. The Novel Fasad al Amkina (Seeds of Corruption) by Sabri Moussa, received the Pegasus Prize. She also received the Columbia University Translation Prize for the novel of Hanan al Shaykh The Story of Zohra.She continues to occasonally translate both fiction and non-fiction, notably from the work of Hamid Nasr Abu Zeid, and Ikbal Baraka.