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Sustainable Campus Committee

AUC's newly-formed Sustainable Campus Committee is a committee of students, staff and faculty that aims to bring together people from around AUC interested in sustainability and the environment. The committee creates a space to exchange information, develop and share ideas, promote research collaboration and organize awareness-raising events on campus. Our goal is to work together towards making AUC more sustainable!

To find out when the committee's next meeting will take place, please email research coordinator Tina Jaskolski.

All members of the AUC Community are welcome to join!


Volunteers at DDC are in the process of collecting discarded cardboard boxes and decorating them to be used as sorted paper only trash boxes. Every department at AUC will be given a box from which housekeeping personnel will collect discarded paper and transport it to the main paper trash unit to be finally transported to outside paper recycling facilities. Please refer to your department secretary for the location of your recycling box. To request boxes and for more information please email


In March 2010, again working with student volunteers, the DDC research team commenced a study of AUC's waste management system, looking at ways in which the university can reduce waste and enhance its recycling performance. To mark Earth Day 2010 on April 22, the DDC organized AUC Earth Week, a week-long waste management awareness campaign on campus. Follow this link to watch our short AUC recycling film on YouTube.


If you are interested to join our campus research or awareness raising projects as a volunteer, please send us an email!


On June 5, 2010, the DDC and the Sustainable Campus Committee participated in the annual Wadi for Environmental and Sustainable Research (WESC) World Environment Day, in al-Azhar Park. The booth displayed information about the work of the DDC as well as the different means of sustainability that every household can take on. That is, using coffee grind as natural fertilizer on plants and how sorting trash at home may help trash collectors in the recycling process. A display of ‘grafting’ was also available at the booth to aid those wanting to improve the quality of their crops.


Volunteers also made sure that children enjoyed learning about the environment by playing ‘Trash Monster’ where they learned how to sort trash by grabbing it off the ‘monster’ and throwing it in the correct trash bin. To attract them to the booth, face painting was also offered.


In a display of technical innovations, the DDC demonstrated the “Vertical Garden”, where planting takes place within vertical PVC pipes that efficiently reuse water.


'Garbage Dreams' premiered at AUC on June 23, 2010. The event was organized by Corey Sattler. It consisted of two parts; a soft screening of the documentary and another screening with a Q&A session with some of the actors, filmmakers and members of the featured recycling school in Manshiyett Nasr. The movie shed light on sanitation and trash collection services in Cairo. It follows the lives of three young individuals from the Zabbaleen community as well as focusing on the efforts of a young doctor from the same community. It also showed the difficulties with regards to social acceptance faced by the Zabbaleen community, and brought forth the issue of the clash between the Zabbaleen and the private international companies, brought in to fix the trash problem.