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The 10th Anniversary Arab Human Development Report

AUC Forum Director Selected Lead Author of Arab Human Development Report

AUC political science Professor Bahgat Korany, director of the AUC Forum, has been selected as the lead author for the 10th anniversary volume of the Arab Human Development Report (AHDR) published by the United Nations Development Program. For the past nine years, AHDR has discussed critical issues related to reform for human development in the Arab world. Since its inception, AHDR has brought prominent intellectuals and practitioners from the Arab world to analyze the three vital human development deficits in the Arab world, which are knowledge, freedom and women’s empowerment.

“Based on analysis by more than 200 Arab researchers and using more than 188 tables to support their conclusions, this series of Arab Human Development Reports became, during the last decade, standard reference work inside and outside the Arab world,” said Korany, who is in the process of building a team and creating an analytic framework for AHDR to be published in Spring 2011.

Debate on human development has widened over the past years and each report is based on 30 to 40 background papers from contributing authors dealing with problems ranging from foreign intervention and occupation to gender inequality, unemployment and food insecurity. “There was always discussion about security in the Arab world but limited to the lens of the military dimensions,” explained Korany, who organized the first conference at AUC in 2006 on human security in collaboration with the United Nations. “We need to go beyond the traditional militarized conception of strategic studies, for the military aspect is no longer the only aspect of security. Security is not only state-based, but it is society-based, revolving around health, education, hunger, environment and human rights.” Korany added. “At the basis of both human security and development is empowerment of society and capacity-building for problem-solving, especially in the highly changing situations of today’s globalized world.”
According to Korany, one of the main problems of the Arab world is a limited capacity to cope with change and “social engineer” the future. “When we have a problem, we procrastinate coping with it until it gets aggravated and turns into a crisis,” he added. “Our main challenge is to realize that the world is changing and prepare ourselves for this change, control it and direct it, rather than being directed by it.”

AHDR Workshops
First Preparatory Workshop: May 2010 - Cairo
Second Workshop: October 2010 - Beirut
Third Workshop: April 2011 - Cairo
Fourth Workshop: September 2011 - Beirut
Youth Forum: September 2011 - Beirut 


Arab Human Development in the 21st Century: The Primacy of Empowerment  

To view information on the book on the AUC Press website, click here

An Arabic edition is also available. To view information on the Arabic edition on the Center for Arab Unity Studies website, click here


Arab Human Development Conference 

November 3 - 4, 2014 
Oriental Hall, AUC Tahrir Square

The AUC Forum held a conference on Arab Human Development in the 21st Century: The Primacy of Empowerment with an opening speech by Provost Mahmoud El-Gamal. Since their inception in 2002, the Arab Human Development Reports of the United Nations Development Program have had a large impact on both development thinking and practice. This 10th-anniversary volume by eight experts specialized across the Arab world, with lead author Bahgat Korany, is no exception. The publication of this book is also very timely, coming as it is on the eve of the UN efforts to establish balance sheet of the Millennium Development Goals -- both its achievements and disappointments. Thus,Arab Human Development in the 21st Century could be a major contribution to this debate on development analysis and practice. To view conference poster, click here.

Conference Program 

Monday, November 3

OPENING by Mahmoud El-Gamal, AUC provost

: Decoding Arab (Mis)Development: Politics or Economics? 
Chair: Hafez El-Mirazi (AUC) 
Panelist: Bahgat Korany (AUC): The Analytical Framework and its Application: A Macro View of the 10th Anniversary Arab Human Development Report. 

To view video of Opening and Panel I, click here


PANEL II: An Unhappy Arab World? Some Symptoms/Indicators 
Chair: Khaled Ezz El-Arab (Aswat Masriya
Panelists: Louisa Ait-Dris-Hamdouche: Conflicts and Lots of Them (Presentation by Bahgat Korany) 
Zeyad Makhamreh (University of Jordan): Environmental Hazards and Difficult Daily Life 
Sabria El-Thawr (University of Sana’a): Multidimensional Poverty  

To view video of Panel II, click here.  

Tuesday, November 4

 The Way Out 
Chair: Hanaa Ebeid (Al-Ahram Foundation) 
Panelists: Mhammed Malki (University of Marakesh): From the Ruler’s Law to the Rule of Law (Presentation by Bahgat Korany) 
Lina Khatib: Transparency Through an Independent and Balanced Media (Presentation by Bahgat Korany) 
Mustafa Khawaja (Palestine’s National Statistical Monitoring System): Fighting Corruption  

To view video of Panel III, click here

PANEL IV: More on the Way-Out: Reforming Religious Education and Reinforcing Identity 
Chair: Amina Khairy (Al-Hayat Newspaper) 
Panelists: Najoua Ghriss (University of Tunis): The Role of Education in Individual and Sustainable Development 
Baqer El-Najjar (University of Bahrain): The Formation of Religious Leaders and Impact of Enlightened Imams  

To view video of Panel IV, click here

PANEL V: The Arab World: Where To? 
Chair: Osama El-Ghazaly Harb (Al-Ahram Newspaper) 
Panelist: Bahgat Korany: An Arab Transition: Challenges and Opportunities. 

To view video of Panel V, click here