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A.   United Nations Partnership in the UN Dialogue with the Global South Program
The AUC Forum has partnered with the United Nations in its program titled The UN Dialogue with the Global South. The AUC Forum hosts UN fellows and sends AUC graduate students for internships in the UN headquarters in New York City as part of this exchange program. This program is funded by the UN Foundation to the benefit of three UN departments: Humanitarian, Peacekeeping and Political Affairs. A primary goal of the UN Dialogue is to tap into the creative thinking and research in developing countries in order to enhance UN policy making in peace and security. The project is also designed to enhance South-to-South dialogue and exchange on critical issues of peace and security.

The key participants in the project are the UN Secretariat and the five partner universities in the UN Dialogue project: The American University in Cairo, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU - Delhi), Peking University, the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM -Mexico City) and University of the Witwatersrand (Wits -Johannesburg). All five universities are participating in research related to the concept of human security and the particular challenges for human security in their regions. Although considerable research has been done on the concept of human security, most has been conducted at universities in developed countries. The focus has been largely on refining the definition of human security or developing methods for its measurement. Relatively little work has been directed to comparative regional analysis or to obtaining the perspectives of developing countries.

List of UN Fellows Hosted by AUC Forum
  1. Bruce Keopke, officer, Policy Planning Unit, Department of  Political Affairs, United Nations. 2007
  2. Anne Cubilie, policy officer, Policy and Guidance Management Project, Policy Development and Studies Branch, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. 2008
  3. Judy Hylton, political officer, Asia/Middle East Division, Office of Operations, United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

List of AUC Students Hosted by the UN for Internships
  1. Hend Medhat
  2. Hani Morsi

B.   Participating in the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation expert group on Foresight on the Long-Term Challenges for the Mediterranean Area

C.  Ties with the Gulf Research Center Foundation (Geneva). The AUC forum director has participated in July 2010, as a member in the Council of Directors, in the foundation's First Research Conference on the Gulf at the University of Cambridge. 

D.   European-Mediterranean research project with 13 other institutions, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain


A.   The forum’s director was invited to head the Scientific Committee for the organization of the second Biennial Summit Conference of the Arab Women Organization (a specialized body of the Arab League), Abu Dhabi, November 2008. Some members of AUC were associated with these activities and attended the conference -- a well-planned effort to go beyond the forum to embrace the promotion of AUC as a whole.

B.   Partners with Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research for training the center’s personnel in research methodology/report writing and/or in diplomacy/international relations


Ongoing ties have been established with
  • Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies
  • Cairo University (Faculty of Economics and Political Science)
  • Center for Strategic Studies and the Future
  • Information and Decision-Making Support Center (IDSC), the Egyptian Cabinet
  • Al-Siyassa Al-Dawleya journal, Al-Ahram