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        Ultrospec 3100 pro UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

           Operator Interface

A Spectrophotometer is commonly used for the measurement of transmittance or reflectance of solutions. It can also be designed to measure the diffusivity on any of the listed light ranges that usually cover around 200nm - 2500nm (visible light, near-ultraviolet, and near-infrared ) using different controls and calibrations. 

The Ultrospec 3100 pro UV/Visible Spectrophotometer has a high-resolution display and an extensive range of built-in applications software that is enhanced by full graphics and scaling capabilities coupled with data manipulation. The device contain stored protocols for nucleic acid quantification/characterization (DNA, RNA, cDNA, oligonucleotide, theoretical Tm calculation) and protein determination (Bradford, Biuret, Lowry, BCA and UV methods) as well as basic modes. Fifty user definable methods can be saved and with a range of output modes - direct to Microsoft TM Excel, control by SWIFT II software and output to a range of printers.