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Gender and Women’s Empowerment

The overall purpose of this research is to support effective policies in Arab countries to realize gender equity and to extend social citizenship, voice, rights and opportunities to women with a particular emphasis on the synergistic relation between gender inequities and poverty. The gender gap persists in most Arab countries and is a major factor in their low human development indices. SRC has made operational its significant experience and extensive regional network of scholars, activists and gender specialists.

SRC Activities:
  • Collaboration with World Bank and UNWomen in producing an international report on gendered assessment
  • Monitoring the progress of Arab women
  • Involvement of SRC in advocating and supporting policy reforms in the area of women's economic participation and family laws
SRC projects :
  • Safe Cities Free of Violence Against Women and Girls:
  • Safe Cities is a global program to produce and ultimately offer a model (or models) for preventing and reducing sexual violence against women and girls in public spaces in cities, enabling them to move more freely and safely, and to increase their ability to exercise their right to enjoy such space. To learn more about this project,click here.

  • Salheya Initiative for Women's Economic Empowerment:

  • This project aimed at enhancing the understanding of the situation of women in new Salheya area regarding job market, economic resources and available opportunities to link job seekers with opportunities. The project worked on enhancing the vocational skills for 1,000 women to match opportunities in the labor market in the New Salheya area.To learn more about this project, click here.

  • Economic Participation of Women Website:
  • This site aims to facilitate the flow of information on economic participation of women among researchers, policymakers and practitioners. The site acts as a portal providing recent publications, articles as well as information regarding the participation of women.
    To learn more about the website, click here.

For the full list of projects carried out by SRC on gender and women's empowerment, click here.

For the full list of publications and outcomes of SRC Gender related projects, click here.