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Human Resources Management

Learners expect to spend many years working in organizations in various domains, holding both managerial and subordinate posts. An understanding of how to manage others effectively in the workplace is critical for all organizations seeking to produce or provide services.

This certificate introduces learners to key areas and issues in human resource management (HRM). This qualifies learners to pursue a career certificate in human resources as they further develop HRM themes by studying a variety of approaches and disciplines, in order to develop an understanding of people’s behaviors at work. Subsequently, learners learn how to have a strong impact on maximizing the organizational output and aid in achieving the strategic goals.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must obtain the score for course ENGGB1A on the SEPT or passing ENGGA2D.
  • Applicants must have basic computer literacy.

1- Foundation Certificate in Human Resources Management**

Code  Title CEUs*   Prerequisite(s)      
Organizational Behavior
3 None 
Recruitment and Selection Management 3 None
SBHR103 Compensation and Benefits Management
3 SBHR101- SBHR102
Employee Relation Management
3 SBHR101- SBHR102

* One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours 

2- Career Certificate in Human Resources Management

Code  Title CEUs*   Prerequisite(s)      
Learning and Development Management (Talent Management)
3  Foundation Certificate
Performance Management
3 Foundation Certificate 
Strategic Human Resource Management
3 Foundation Certificate 

* One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours

** Learners who completed a foundation certificate or AUC continuing education certificate are required to sit for the SEPT if they dropped out for a period of one year or more from the date of completing the certificate.

Learners are assessed throughout the term by tests, quizzes, assignments, projects or other means of evaluation. End-of-term achievement tests measure learners’ overall performance in the course. The final grade in each course is based on the learners’ performance on continual assessment measures and the final test. Final course grades are not based on attendance since, in accordance with SCE’s attendance policy, learners must attend at least 75 percent of the class sessions in order to be allowed to take the final examination.
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