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This certificate aims at providing Pharma learners with a substantial body of knowledge and set of skills needed to handle the managerial aspects in community pharmacy practice. The certificate gives a holistic overview of the daily operational, financial, marketing, and human resource management tasks that every pharmacy manager should know in order to maintain a successful pharmacy practice.

Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must obtain the score for course ENGGB1A on the SEPT or pass ENGGA2D
  • Applicants must have basic computer literacy

Certificate of Achievement in Pharmacy Management





SCPM 101

Pharmacy Management



* One continuing Education Unit equals 10 contact hours.

Trainees are assessed throughout the term by assignments (lesson plans, observation tasks, practical teaching practice and written reflections) and a written exit test. The final grade is, therefore, an accumulation of continual and achievement assessment for which the minimum accepted score is 60 percent. Final course grades are NOT based on attendance since in accordance with SCE’s attendance policy, learners must attend at least 75 percent of the class sessions in order to be allowed to take the final examination.