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Testing Services for Organizations

Testing services offered by the SCE Evaluation, Testing and Assessment Department (ETAD) helps organizations, such as universities, institutions, companies, as well as governmental and nongovernmental organizations, improve their productivity and employee performance by designing and offering testing services tailored to their needs. Testing services can be offered at organizations’ premises in any location or at AUC premises in Tahrir Square and New Cairo campuses, on a specific date and at a specific time meeting organizations’ needs.

ETAD offers testing services that include the following:

1) Design of proficiency/placement tests:

  • This includes areas of business, computer and IT, translation and languages (English, Arabic, and Spanish)

2) Administration of proficiency/placement tests:
        A. English Language Tests:
                • Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT)
                • English Oral SEPT (OSEPT)
                • English Oral Test for Aviation Traffic Controllers (SATC)
        B. Arabic Language Tests for Specific Purposes:
                • Arabic Proficiency Test (APT)
                • Proficiency Test in Modern Standard Arabic (PTMSA)
                • Proficiency Test in Spoken Arabic of Cairo (PTSAC)  
        C. Newspaper Translation Proficiency Test

        D. International tests

3) Host International Universities Exams:

This includes all Paper Based / Computer-Based Tests scheduled for students who are studying abroad and want to take their Tests by remote, through a partnership agreement between SCE / ETAD and the International Universities.

4) Proficiency Tests for recruitment, selection and hiring purposes:

ETAD offers CEFR-aligned Professional English Proficiency Test (PEPT). ETAD offers organizations the flexibility to assess their staff or applicants oral skills only or both their oral, reading and writing skills.

5) Scoring and reporting test results

See also Frequently Asked Questions

 For off-campus customized testing please refer back to ETAD for a quote. 
tel 20.2.2797.6419/6878 – 20.2.2615.1470

Sunday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm