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Accounting Applications using Spreadsheets
This course is designed for desktop users who seek to understand advanced concepts of Microsoft Excel 2010 for accounting calculation and analysis applications. Participants will learn how to import and export accounting data, in addition to sorting, filtering, analyzing data, and generating accounting reports. Participants will also learn how to protect their workbooks and use data validations to reduce accounting entry errors. The course covers an array of formulas and accounting applications such as Sum Wizard, Text functions, VLOOKUP to help participants better manage numerous accounting codes, construct checks and controls to eliminate account inaccuracies.

Admission Requirements
Basic knowledge of Windows

Code                     Title                              CEUs*    Prerequisite(s)      


Accounting Applications using Spreadsheets (MS Excel)



* Continuing Education Unit equals 10 contact hours. 
tel 2797.6194
mobile 011.5074.8953

Sunday - Thursday
9 am - 4 pm