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Introduction to Programming

Introduction to computing; problem solving process; flowcharts & pseudo code, program development; programming concepts in C++ language including program structure; constants, variables, data types, operators, functions, and data structures; control structures: such as sequencing, loops, and conditions; pointers; user defined functions; recursion; developing programs in C++.

Code                     Title                              CEUs*    Prerequisite(s)      

  • Identify problem elements and requirements.
  • Design algorithms using Flowcharts.
  • Design algorithms using pseudo code.
  • Distinguish between the assignment statement and the input statement in C++.
  • Write simple C++ programs using variables and elementary data types.
  • Use arithmetic operators in expressions.
  • Use relational and logical operators in expressions.
  • Identify the control flow structures: if, switch, break statements.
  • Differentiate between looping control structures (for, while, and do..while).
  • Produce complete C++ programs that include arrays. 
  • Break down a program into functions.



* Continuing Education Unit equals 10 contact hours. 
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Sunday - Thursday
9 am - 4 pm