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Fiscal Year 2018 Tuition

Rates applied from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019

Course/Certificate  Number of CEUs per Course Normal Fees International Students Fees 
Career Development Offerings   
Career Development Certificates Courses  3.0  LE 1,250 LE 1,875
Career Development Certificates Courses 
6.0 LE 2,500 LE 3,750
Career Development Certificates Courses  4.5 LE 1,825 LE 2,740
Integrated Talent Management 6.0  LE 5,300 LE 7,950
Professional HR Partner 6.0 LE 5,300 LE 7,650
 English Language Offerings  
English Language Courses
3.0 LE 1,075
LE 1,615
Oral Communication Course 3.0 LE 1,075 LE 1,615
Conversational English for Young Learners 1.5 LE 635 LE 955
IELTS Preparation 4.5  LE 2,350 LE 3,525
Arabic Programs 
Arabic Grammar 1 3.0  LE 980 LE 1,470
Translation Offerings   
Translation Courses 3.0  LE 1,075 LE 1,615
English for Interpreters 6.0 LE 2,150 LE 3,225
English for Translators 6.0 LE 2,150 LE 3,225
Teacher Training Programs    
Fundamentals of English Language Teaching (FELT)
6.0 LE 5,460 LE 8,190
Math and Science Teacher Training (MSTTC)  3.0  LE 1,200 LE 1,800
Professional Certified Trainer (PCT)
6.0 LE 5,460 LE 8,190
Professional Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT) 6.0 LE 6,200 LE 9,300
3.0 LE 3,100 LE 4,650
Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (CCTAFL)
6.0 LE 5,460 LE 8,190
Teaching IT for School Teachers/level
3.0 LE 2,730 LE 4,095
Youth Summer Programs

E-Robotic: Learning for Tomorrow

LE 1400 per level for early bird registration (15th of April to 15th of May)
LE 1550 per level from 16th of May to one week ahead before the start of each level.

Egyptian Culture and Arabic language

LE 1600/week for early bird registration, (15th of April to 15th of May).
L.E. 1750/week for regular registration (16th of May up till a week before the start of each round)
HR Workshops
Teaching Workshops in Arabic
Arabic Drafting Workshops
Legal Drafting (30 hours)
Testing Services  Normal Fees   International Students Fees 
Oral Admission Tests  
Oral Standardized English Proficiency Test (Oral SEPT) LE 160 LE 240 
Oral Standardized English Proficiency Test (Oral SEPT) One day service  LE 310 LE 465
English Oral Test for Aviation (SATC)
LE 240 LE 360
Written Admission Tests
Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT)
LE 175 LE 265
Arabic Proficiency Test (APT) LE 150 LE 225
Proficiency Test in Modern Standard Arabic (PTMSA)  LE 150 LE 225
Proficiency Test in Spoken Arabic of Cairo (PTSAC)  LE 150 LE 225
Standardized Arabic Proficiency Test (SAPT)** LE 175 LE 265
One-day Service LE 360 LE 540 
Other Tests   
Exemption by Exam LE 405 LE 610
A letter indicating test result “To Whom it May Concern”  LE 60  LE 90 
Strategic Enrollment Services  Normal Fees  One Day Fees***
Admission Fee  LE 60  
Enrollment Letter LE 50  
Rescheduling Test Fees for Late Comers LE 40  
Extra copy of transcript, enrollment or graduation letter or certificate (current template)  LE 115 LE 230
Express processing + FedEx Local (inside Egypt) shipment service** LE 165/mailing address
Express processing + FedEx international shipment service** LE 460/mailing address 

** Delivery fees may change according to AUC Mail Office during the year.

*** Student service fees will be ''doubled'' for one workday delivery.

- If you need additional help, contact the SCE strategic enrollment management office by emailing our registration team at

May 24, 2018