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Graduation Ceremony of ‪Translation Diploma Class of 2017

SCE Languages Department takes great pride in having held its annual Graduation Ceremony of 177 learners in the Translation Diplomas Program, both Legal and UN Translation & Media and Literary Translation. The event took place in the Ewart Hall on May 23rd, 2017 in the presence of the Dean of Continuing Education Dr. Deena Boraie and the Associate Dean for instructional Affairs Dr. Alia Shoeib as well as Ms. Ebtihal El Badry the director of SCE Language Department. The Diplomas qualify graduates to apply in the most reputable entities and organizations as professional and skilled translators. Instructors are both highly trained experts and competent with hands on experience. The Diplomas qualify graduates to apply in the most reputable entities and organizations as professional and skilled translators. Instructors are both highly trained experts and competent with hands on experience.

Enta Fahim Ghalat

In cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity's Fund for Drug Control and Addiction Treatment, صندوق مكافحة وعلاج الادمان والتعاطي, the School of Continuing Education organised an event (Enta Fahim Ghalat) to raise awareness on the danger of drugs and smoking and treatment opportunities. The event was held on May 20 at Ewart Hall, AUC Tahrir Square. It was a cultural event that included a tanoora dance, a play and a film screening. 

SCE Career Guidance Day

SCE organized a Career Guidance Day on April 8, 2017, at AUC Tahrir Square. The aim of the day was to provide participants in various fields with opportunities to exchange experiences and stay up-to-date with the latest insights, trends and practices in the job market.
Presenters were Dr. Khaled Habib, Senior Management and Human Resources Executive
Ms. Rania Abu Rabia, Life Coach and Entrepreneur
Eng. Mohamed El Kady,HR Consultant
Dr. Rabab Munir, Country Manager
Dr.Eyad Harfoush, CEO - IFT Corporation
Mr.Mahmoud Mansi, TEDx Speaker, Founder of HR Revolution Magazine

Twenty One Year of Success: AUC/SCE 21st annual NileTESOL 2017

The 21st annual NileTESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) conference was held on January 23-24, 2017. The theme of the conference was “Inspiring Teaching and Ownership of Learning:  Redefining - Integrating - Empowering”.  Colleagues in ministries, schools, institutes, faculties of education, universities, adult education centers and publishers and other interested individuals attended the conference.
Our esteemed partners and sponsors this year were the American Regional English Language Office, the British Council, IDP Education IELTS, Cambridge University Press, Nahdet Misr, the International Language Bookshop (ILB), Macmillan Education Egypt, Oxford University Press (OUP), AMIDEAST, Cairo book, Pearson, Leader for publishing and distribution and MM Publications.

Access VIII Graduation Ceremony

SCE proudly hosted the graduation of the English Access Micro scholarship Program VIII with students from four different Egyptian governorates. SCE has administered this program in more than 12 governorates in Egypt (including: Gharbeyya, Monofeyya, Sharkeyya, Fayoum, Beni Suef, Minia, Assuit, Sohag, Qena and Aswan), with more than 1300 graduates from Access program, and we are very proud of this because you have helped us achieve our general outreach beyond Cairo. 
In 2014, SCE started Access VIII with eight (8) groups of students in Nasr City, Maadi, Beni Suef and Damietta. One hundred and sixty (160) students were enrolled in this iteration of the program. Thus, SCE/AUC has not only been building and excelling in its experience with Access in the country, but it has also been gaining more and more of the RELO’s trust.

Career Success Camp

Career Guidance Unit (CGU) organized the 2nd round of the successful series of workshops 'Career Success Camp". The workshops are built around Career success tools and skills that enable participants to compete successfully in their job search journey from applying to selection and hiring. Mr. Hassan Samy, Chief Commercial Officer in Nile Air and previously Chief Sales Officer Etisalat Egypt, was the Camp guest speaker of the 1st round and Dr.Ahmed El-Grahy, UN ambassador and entrepreneur was the guest speaker of the 2nd round.  The workshops are conducted by professional trainers who have hands-on expertise in the recruiting and selection process in reputable organizations. Around 400 participants joined the first and second round of the camp and due to receiving many other requests, the 3rd round will take place on January.28 & 29 at AUC New Cairo campus and on Feb.10 &11 at AUCTahrir campus.

‎Graduation Ceremony‬ of ‪Translation Diploma‬ Class of 2016

The languages department  takes great pride in having held its annual graduation ceremony of 277 learners from the Translation Diplomas Program, including both Legal and UN translation, and media and literary translation. The event took place in Ewart Memorial Hall at AUC Tahrir Square on May 15, 2016 in the presence of the Dean of Continuing Education Deena Boraie and the Associate Dean for instructional Affairs Alia Shoeib.

The diplomas qualify graduates to apply to the most reputable entities and organizations as professional and skilled translators. Instructors are both highly trained experts and competent with hands on experience.

The translation diplomas, among other programs, fulfill SCE's mission to extend the resources of AUC to the larger population, both locally and regionally. 

Career Certificate in Strategic Procurement Management Completion Ceremony

The career development department congratulates the first round of participants who completed the Career Certificate in Strategic Procurement Management.

The completion ceremony was held on December 21, 2015 in Oriental Hall at AUC Tahrir Square.

Workshop in Cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross

The Languages Department (LD) at the school of Continuing Education held a free workshop on November 5th, 2015 in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and AUC Middle East Studies Center.
The workshop featured a number of activities and hands on interpreting tasks, where participants got a chance to practice as well as polish their interpreting skills.
The workshop comes as part of the LD series of free workshops on Translation and Interpreting aiming at raising young interpreters’ awareness of aspects of translation and interpreting as a profession and polishing their skills through hands on workshops by international organizations and professional translators.
 Commenting on the workshop, a participant expressed her gratitude for the department saying “I have learned a lot today and got a chance to really practice interpeting and get feedback from experts”.
Memory training activities, consecutive interpreting tasks and highlight of good interpreters’ qualities were among the workshop’s list of activities. “The most beneficial and enjoyable part of the workshop was the consecutive interpreting task we did. It was very challenging and at the same time fun” commented another participant.

Media Roundtable Discussion Series, Behind the Headlines

Dr. Deena Boraie, dean of AUC’s School of Continuing Education, professor of practice and the assessment adviser for Egypt’s Presidential Leadership Program participated in a faculty panel in the media roundtable discussion series, Behind the Headlines. The panel, titled “Education for Life: Enhancing the Knowledge, Skills and Competencies of Egyptian Youth,” held at the Oriental Hall at the American University in Cairo, Tahrir Square Campus. The panel featured as well Dr. Tarek Shawki, dean of AUC’s School of Sciences and Engineering, head of the country’s Presidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research, and secretary-general of all presidential specialized councils in Egypt; and Dr. Ted Purinton, dean of AUC’s Graduate School of Education. The discussion was moderated by AUC alumna Doha Al Zohairy, presenter in Al Arabyia Al Hadath TV channel.
Dr. Boraie said that with the Presidential Leadership Program, youth between 20 and 30 years old are given courses on administration, public opinion, human resources and the sciences that would provide them with practical job skills. “Young graduates need more than their university degree”. “Many fresh graduates are shocked when they start working because they aren’t familiar with the real world experience and how the system works in the government, for example. So, this program trains them and provides them with skills that would enable them to not only perform, but also excel in their jobs.”

She added as well that the program has already made a successful kickstart, More than 52,000 people have applied, and computerized assessments have filtered that number to 5,000. In the pilot program, 500 candidates, distributed evenly across governorates and genders, will be accepted and trained through an eight-month government-funded program.

As head of the School of Continuing Education, which serves approximately 20,000 students from different parts of Egypt every year, Boraie emphasized that youth are striving for knowledge. “Seeing that many high school and university students are keen on taking courses to enhance their education is reflective of their eagerness to expand their knowledge,” she said. “Breaking the conventional style of learning from just a book and expanding the sources of information to other material, whether online or in libraries, are needed to create the required change in mindset.”
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