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Egyptian Culture and Arabic Language

Through field trips to different Coptic, Pharaonic, and Islamic monuments, learners recognize the relationship between language, history and culture. During this program, learners actively participate in collecting information, solving riddles and other funny games about historical figures and facts Arabic. Each week has an educational value and character building skill Learners.

  • What is the content of the program? 
    The program provides unique opportunities to expand their knowledge and understand the connection between language, history, and culture through engaging activities, including information collection, riddles, and other funny games about historical figures and facts. Learners are also encouraged to attend two field trips per week to different monumental places in Egypt, such as the Hung Church, Amr Bin As Mosque, Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, Ahmed Bin Toloun Mosque, Modern Egyptian Museum, Al Azhar Mosque, Prince Mohamed Ali Palace, among others. The program adds educational value and builds new skills to learners.
  • What is the minimum age of the learners eligible to join the program?
    The minimum age is six years. Students enrolled in the first primary and up to the third secondary school year can attend the program.
  • How many levels of this program are offered?
    There are no levels. Each week consists of a new theme and includes visits to new places. This allows learners to attend a single or all the rounds of the program. 
  • How long is each level?
    The program lasts one week, from Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Where is it offered?
    AUC New Cairo Campus. Children spend three days on campus and two days on field trips.
  • When is it offered?
    The program is offered during summer and occasionally during winter breaks. 
  • What is the cost/fee of each level?
    Fees are announced before the start of the program.
Code                     Title                              CEUs*    Prerequisite(s)      
Egyptian Culture and Arabic language (1st to 3rd prim)  None
Egyptian Culture and Arabic language (4th to 6th prim) None
Egyptian Culture and Arabic language (1st to 3rd prep.)  None
SPEC009 Egyptian Culture and Arabic language (1st to 3rd secondary.) None 

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