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Withdrawal Policy
Learners have the right to withdraw from a course up until the sixth week of a 12-week term, the third week in a six-week term, or nine days in a four or third-week term provided they notify the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office. No withdrawals are allowed after that deadline.
A grade of "W" will be recorded in learners’ records (transcripts) and no course may be added in its place. Learners who withdraw forfeit all rights to a refund of any portion of the tuition fees (cf L6).
Failure to attend classes does not constitute a formal withdrawal from an SCE course. A withdrawal form (FormE3-1May14) has to be completed and returned to the SEM office for processing on the Management Information System (MIS).
A grade of "S" will be recorded for learners who stop attending after the withdrawal deadline or fail to notify the SEM office during the allowed period for withdrawal.

PPM = E3 Nov, 2014