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Registration is the official process of enrolling eligible learners in courses and programs offered by the School of Continuing Education (SCE). The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office is responsible for performing registration services.

Learners and organizations may register during periods specified by the SEM office or may take advantage of SCE’s online admissions and registration services.

For a learner to register for any learning event, the Student Identification Number (SID), which is printed for new learners on their Placement Examination Card (FormC7-2July15), is required. For continuing learners, their SIDs are printed on their previous term Schedule/ID card (FormI3-3July15) and their payment receipt.

Registration in course sections is on a first come first served basis. Places in subjects and course sections cannot be guaranteed as registration is according to the available remaining places.

Learners are always encouraged to begin course registration as of the first week from the beginning of the current term until one day before the coming term is scheduled to begin. Learners, who register during that period, will benefit from a larger selection of course sections and subjects that suit their personal needs and schedules and will benefit from requesting a full refund in case they wish to drop a course (cf L6).

Continuing learners should not wait until the results of their current term courses are announced as they will forfeit the above advantages.

Learners delaying their registration until the first day of classes will forfeit all of the above advantages and will not be able to receive any course refund for courses dropped once the term began.

Learners who failed courses during the previous term are required to check their registration status with SEM office to amend their registration accordingly.

Full payment of registration fees is required at the time of registration. No individual learners or learners sponsored by third-party organizations, who have outstanding financial obligations to SCE, are allowed to attend classes on the first day of the term without settling the full payment of the tuition fees unless authorized by the SCE Finance Office.

SCE reserves the right to cancel courses and programs due to low enrollment or unexpected unavailability of qualified faculty members or facility.

PPM = E1 March, 2018